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5 creative side hustles an Entrepreneur should keep a check on

Get paid for your Idea, even if you want to earn some additional bucks.

5 creative side hustles an Entrepreneur should keep a check on

Thursday August 01, 2019,

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Do you know that the earth today consist of 582 million entrepreneurs? Which means 1 in every 13 people owns a business! Thus the factor is inevitable to the mankind. While creating an artistic endeavour isn’t new to the world, but the phenomenal concept of the remarkable “creative entrepreneurs” definitely is. An entrepreneur is a most-talented, though-provoking and a never normal artist who attempts to designs their life with “the-art-of-non-conformity” by infusing together every set of “empirical knowledge” and a “posteriori knowledge"(term in philosophy), are alone painting their own canvas, bit-by-bit, perspective by perspective and choice by choice. Entrepreneurs are the staunch believer of “Setting Own Rules”, “Live the life in their own terms” and “Change the World”. They arm themselves with an immensely, extraordinary tools to live life very differently.

It wouldn’t be fair enough to say that an entrepreneur have the willingness to explore some lucrative side gigs just to earn some “extra bucks” to achieve the financial gains, No! An entrepreneurship is an art and cannot survive without creativity. If they are seeking to explore some side hustles, it is their willingness behind to make sure that their creative juice keep flowing.

A full-time entrepreneurs loves daunting challenges which is why they persistently keep multi-tasking to handles the process of launching, developing and running a smooth business venture by evolving a business environment into an inherent dynamic synergy. They also looks after the overall business economy, takes several financial risks and does the financial decisions-making all alone; to keep their diversified business up-to-date with the global market.

Multi-tasking entrepreneur

Infusing dynamic synergy and multi-tasking entrepreneur

But nevertheless, a real entrepreneur doesn’t stop here; even if entrepreneurs are running their business fluently and making good money out of it, they will always have an exceptional, metamorphosing belief that there is something “more to life than this”. Thus they keep seeking for new additional opportunities just to pursuit the happiness of exploring their hidden capabilities’ which ultimately makes them flexible to earn some extra money. Entrepreneurs loves extra cash, especially which comes easily through creative work and with less effort. Additional income no doubt helps entrepreneurs to be extra fluent with their shoe-string-budget.

Thus, Let us have a look on which 5 creative side hustles an entrepreneurs can keep a check on. The idea is to start a business, with less monitoring and ultimately suitable for long-term.

Rent out office extra space – In an Economy where the market are highly unpredictable then one of the most accessible and valuable commodity you can use is to rent out your office space if you have one and the chances are you have a lot of extra room where you or your colleagues are not really using every square foot to its maximum capacity. The demands for the rental desks in today’s era of start-up is touching the skies due to double dip recession and on-going fragility in the global economy is witnessing an increasing number of people opting to strike out and start-up their own business are looking to share space at an affordable price.

Rent out office extra space

Rent out the extra-space i.e Co-working space for start-ups

Become a Life-Coach: An entrepreneur is a leader who can be an extraordinary life-coach. If you have already discovered the knack of coaching the life skill spirit to the people in neighbourhood, your employees and subordinate etc. who comes to you with their problem and you find a great joy by giving meaningful recommendations which assist them to align their values. If that recommendation strongly worked wonders for them, than it is a “performance miracle” and thus you should definitely explore, develop and encompass your hidden coaching skills which can an ultimate guide to influence people. As helping people comes naturally, you might as well make a good living and earn high wages doing it as a coach!

An entrepreneur can become a best life-coach

An entrepreneur can become the best life-coach

Write a Blog – Blogging can be a really fruitful penchant for you! It is always a good idea and one of the most productive task you can easily accomplish but only if you are a compassionate writer and have a niche topic to explore, then you must blog. It doesn’t matter which ever industry you choose. Also, it is an inbound marketing activity through which you can also keep your customers and clients engage by your articles and can firmly maintain a long-lasting relationship. A big benefit you can reap is to create a remarkable value to you target customers. A blog is a showcase of ideology and hence you can garner immense fame and appreciation. But it takes a good amount of time for a blog to get flourish, it will take long in growth so you have to cultivate a very good patience with your blog. Though there is no instant money, this has a long term investment perspective.

Content is the King. So Blog to inspire as well as conceptualize long-term investment

Blog to inspire as well as conceptualize long-term investment

Affiliation Marketing – Specifically known to be “performance-based-marketing” in which business rewards to the one or more affiliates who adds visitors or Customers to the Company brought by various marketing efforts. So in layman’s language, it the process of becoming an affiliate to the other Company for promoting and sailing their products and services through which you easily earn a good reward.  Take up affiliation of a similar industry product, a product which targets the same customer as yours and sell the same. Let it be an online product, which requires less involvement.


Earn business rewards by promoting other people's company product and service online.

Create a video in Udemy – If you haven’t manifested your own competent course yet! Just do it with Udemy. It is an online marketing hub for the users across the globe and a home to thousands of training centers and classes. Yes, Udemy is one of the most efficient tool and contains best features in selling classes online. It can become an excellent source of passive income without keeping a time aside. As an entrepreneur if you are an expert in your field and or have an expertise in a specific niche, than you can create bulk of training videos and teach online as per your course preference which is also very useful to enhance your visibility and thus helps you to maintain your entrepreneurial image. With Udemy, your earning potential is unlimited!