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5 Critical Project Management Slip-ups Your Organisation Cannot Afford

Even the smallest project management mistakes can doom your business for good. The idea is to spot and fix them at the earliest. Read this blog for a fair insight.

5 Critical Project Management Slip-ups Your Organisation Cannot Afford

Monday May 27, 2019,

5 min Read


The market of project management software is anticipated to grow steadily between 2017 and 2020 with a global revenue channel of $1 billion. According to a PWC report, 97% of organisations are of the opinion that successful project management is crucial for the success of a business.  

The stats clearly indicate that the project management strategies are on the rise. Businesses across the globe continue to adopt online channels for revenue generation. This makes them more likely to seek agile and advanced approaches for seamless management of the company (along with the projects it would undertake).

This is where the role of efficient project management comes into play. There’s only one thing an organisation cannot afford to commit ... MISTAKE! And this is perhaps the biggest shortcomings when it comes to managing projects with precision. One must consider investing enough time in spotting all prospective sinkholes that can doom client projects prior to initiating the task. Project management needs skills and industry expertise to turn every investment into the coveted rate of conversion.


How about giving this blog a read? I have discussed 5 critical loopholes project managers must avoid for the successful delivery of the end product.

1. Absence of clear objectives within the organisation

Lack of clarity is undeniably one of the biggest issues a company can face. Unless each of the team members is holding a clear perspective of the agenda, closing projects successfully will always be a major issue.

Actionable points:

  • Set clear goals for your project and share the same with your team members.
  • Analyse the purpose of the project and know why it is important for your brand.
  • Implement successful change management strategies to deal with the transition of your company’s goals.
  • Explore the scopes of your project to see the light of the day.

2. Lack of software-friendly team members

Unless you are aware of the different technicalities associated with advanced project management, ensuring the coveted outcome might be a major concern. One cannot expect the team members to know about the nitty-gritty of project management software all by themselves. However, needful measures can educate the team members with the requisite technical insights.

Actionable Points:

  • Organise training at regular intervals (try roping in industry stalwarts to conduct these sessions).
  • Educate team members with the sales pipeline that involves factors like handling email outreach, client negotiation, conversion, delivery and more.
  • Ensure that each team member is aware of his or her role in the CMS.

3. Improper project prioritization

As projects tend to run concurrently for many progressive organisations, managing each one of them in a seamless manner might turn out to be a bit difficult. This can lead to potential threats and shortcomings with project management. There are instances where team members can get engrossed in a project belonging to the low-priority zone.

Actionable points:

  • Rope in project management CRM that allows the admin to set priorities for the projects.
  • Consider simplifying the workflow with smaller components based on the required work input.
  • Create different Cloud slots for the team members to access and track project status on the go.


4.   Ineffective and unclear communication

Unclear communication among the team members and the clients is detrimental to the progress of the project as a whole. Simply signing up with the latest project management software won’t fetch you an outstanding outcome. You can simplify the process of communication in the ways listed below.

Actionable points:

  • Communicate simple project guidelines among the members in a way they are comfortable with
  • Deliverable reviews, regular status check-ins, and one-on-one communication can help team members to stay motivated
  • Consider holding progress meetings only when the entire team is present at work

5.  Lining up too many projects for production

Most of the project managers think they can secure big revenues and get more done by initiating all the projects at once. But this is just wrong on so many levels. Multitasking might appear to be one strategy worth embracing, but it is highly counterproductive. It will only slow down people, affect the quality and can cause a delay in production as a whole.

Actionable Points:

  • Consider reducing Work in Progress by prioritising all prerequisite tasks.
  • Refrain from involving your team members in a project they are unaware of.
  • Close each project at a time and move on to the next.
  • Cut down the lengthy hours at meetings and invest them in production instead.

Parting Words...

“Preparatory planning” and “reorganising” are investments in disguise. Project Managers must learn how to avoid complicating things in a key functional area of the project by coming up with a rational and simpler approach. Once you are aware of the result your end user will consider in the long run, managing the project will be much easier.

I hope the aforementioned shortcomings and the points of action associated with the same will do justice to your organisation’s goal.

Here’s to the good times that shall roll real soon!

Author Bio- Ricky is an experienced project manager working on behalf of a leading firm in Sydney, Australia for the last 7 years. Apart from being a dedicated executive, Ricky offers project management assignment help to students on behalf of the digital brand MyAssignmenthelp. During the days of leisure, you will find him composing amazing poems and short stories.