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This new website has something that Amazon and Alibaba should be frightened of!

A new start up is climbing its way up the top. Creating it's own niche in the e-commerce industry..

Wednesday July 20, 2016,

4 min Read

Currently there are more than 10 leading e-commerce websites working towards the same goals and targeting the same audience. While some may feel that we exist in a world where almost all the secrets have been unearthed and technology is facilitating our lives, changes are still required. How exactly do we bring about these changes?

The speed with which internet is overpowering the masses, it won't be long before everything else is demolished and only internet remains.

With the advent of 100% FDI by the government a lot is going to change and fast. Amazon and Alibaba, the two leading e-commerce portals are establishing themselves in India and the rest of the world and are trying to create monopoly. Their intent will be to create their own inventory , this would completely remove sellers from the ecosystem of the market.

This is when Digishoppers, a fast moving e-commerce start- up, swoops in and comes to the rescue of these sellers. Digishoppers has ventured into the market with a very pragmatic modus - operandi. One of the major goals of Digishoppers is to create a free and open market place for the sellers across the world. This is also their USP.

Their aim is sheltering these sellers who will be affected exceedingly and uplifting their conditions. In fact they have begun, with providing a free marketplace to its sellers. By doing so they have already amassed close to 30,000+ sellers and merchants (almost half of Flipkart). By continuing with this vision, they will be able to create a massive base of sellers as well as a united marketplace of the people, for the people and by the people.

The company is a result of the hard work of two very young prodigies – Mr. Abhishek Tyagi and Mr. Devrishi Kaushik co- founders of Digishoppers who aim to create a free market place and cater to people in every nook and corner of the country. In the past 10 months, since its inception it has come a long way and shown tremendous growth potential.

Digishoppers was born on September 1st,2015 and the website was officially launched on 18th January, 2016. With just a small group of hard working employees and two amazing visionaries the company grew fast. While it had initially been bootstrapped they are now going to raise 20 million dollars funding by Mid- August.

Its nothing like its competitors. While Flipkart charges 17% fee from it's sellers, Amazon asks for a 15% fee and Snapdeal charges 23% from its sellers and Digishoppers takes ZERO money from its sellers. Charging Zero selling fee from the sellers will entirely transform the marketplace !

What will happen in a free marketplace? The prices of the products in the market will go down straight by 20% because of the implementation of Zero seller's fee! How much will that elevate the marketplace? Not only elevation, this will also automatically attract a lot of consumers.

Imagine the revolution that this will bring forth in our Indian market! Introducing the concept of free selling for the sellers where they don't have to pay any money to the website and can simply sell their products. Sellers will just have to sit back and virtually handle the marketplace where everything will float around with a lot of ease. What more could they ask for?

The USP of Digishoppers has attracted ample number of investors to them, who are willing to invest a lot of money in a start-up which possesses strong long term goals and has the ball in it's court.

In just a matter of 10 months they have created a strong juncture for sellers, consumers and products.The vision of the company is to provide a platform where anyone can sell for free and with lots of ease and flexibility. Currently, Digishoppers is the only online marketplace which charges 0 selling fee from the sellers which has promptly lead to the increase in the number of sellers wanting to sell their products through Digishoppers. They aim to further make selling easier for the sellers and buying easier for their customers.

Next they are trying to transform e-commerce selling into trading, where a seller wouldn't be physically required to do anything and everything will happen virtually ! By doing so they will create a virtual marketplace for the sellers.

To find out more, we will have to wait I guess and to all the pre-existing e-commerce companies out there, watch out!