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5 Major Digital Marketing Blunders Businesses Should Avoid

5 Major Digital Marketing Blunders

5 Major Digital Marketing Blunders Businesses Should Avoid

Wednesday December 25, 2019,

5 min Read

5 Major Digital Marketing Blunders Businesses Should Avoid

The world of technology is a constantly evolving one. Applying identical marketing strategies for multiple brands or even the same products can be more harmful than fruitful. Over the years, many established companies have faced backlash from customers due to insensitive, incorrect, or illogical ad campaigns. This caused them revenue loss as well as the loss of loyal customers. As digital marketing has widened the reach of the advertisements, a bad ad can reach a great number of audiences and potentially destroy the brand’s reputation and lose followers on social media. Moreover, it can be hard to regain the confidence of your clientele after such a marketing blunder. So, it is vital for brands to avoid common marketing errors and design magnificent ad strategies to boost their marketing propaganda.


Let us analyze the five most disastrous online marketing errors done by the business.


1.  Uninteresting Advertisements


One of the biggest advantages that online marketing brings into a business is that they can attract a huge mass of audience in a short period, as you will find your target audience spending a huge part of their day scrolling through these platforms. But, most companies fail to realize that the best way to keep the viewers intrigued towards the brand is to produce interesting and engaging advertisements.

Organizations, at times, focus on generating more ads than creating one that can inspire their clients. A recent study analyzed the reasons brands get unfollowed on social media; over 79% of followers click ‘unfollow’ on the company’s social media page as they find the content repetitive and boring. Brands must remember that consumers are attracted to quality content, producing too many posts displaying the same, unimaginative content can drive people away.


2.  Targeting the Wrong Audience


A well-designed, interesting, and innovative ad can fall flat if it does not reach the correct audience. The way your digital campaign works depends largely on how well your advertisement reaches prospective clients. Reaching out to the right customer will surely turn the lead into sales, boosting your finances.

For instance, consider a company is offering a special discount on baby products, but the ad is mostly viewed by people without kids. There is a chance that they might buy the product for their friends’ or relative’s kids, but in the end, the campaign did not achieve the desired goals. Therefore, employ analytics to understand who your targeted audience should be and what they are looking for. This will immensely simplify your marketing tactics by concentrating on broadcasting your ads to the right public at the right time.


3.  Irrelevant or Offensive Content


Content plays the most important role in the world of online marketing. The more engaging and innovative content a business produces, the more customers flock towards the brand. Brand relevance is critical for success. Although innovative, ads should not be complicated or irrelevant to the product, as this confuses the customers and pushes them away from your brand.

Moreover, refrain from controversial promotional tactics, as they can backfire. For instance, Pepsi had to pull back it’s ad campaign featuring Kendall Jenner after it received a tremendous backlash from the public. Therefore, study the market and avoid posting things that can negatively impact your business. Remember to create consistent, informative, and customer-centric content. Also, focus on producing content that the customers would want to read. You can also opt for top content creation agencies to help you produce quality content.


4.  Lack of Engagement


Social media platforms have provided businesses with an opportunity to connect with their buyers and prospective clients, one-on-one. But certain decision-makers utilize these channels simply as a medium for broadcasting. If you are anti-social on social media platforms, customers will assume that you do not care about their opinions. This can result in them losing interest as nobody prefers one-sided communication.

Moreover, social media also acts as a forum for customer support; people reach out to companies with their grievances and positive feedback. And the more actively you tackle them, the better are the chances of retaining them. Ensure that you reply to their comments online, communicate the ways you can improve your services. If you maintain a great relationship with your clients, you can receive more leads from them, ultimately boosting your business. You can also plan an ad that includes positive feedback from your clients as a means to display your popularity.


5.  Skipping Email Marketing


A very cost-effective and credible online marketing technique is email marketing. But most organizations are avoiding email marketing as they believe it to be useless. On the contrary, email marketing offers you the chance to deliver targeted messages. You can apply filters and send emails to subscribers meeting certain criteria. Additionally, you can send your clients personalized emails, which makes them feel important, and turns them into loyal customers. Take assistance from top email marketing companies who can help you create a fail-proof strategy

Focus on creating a robust database. It might be a time-taking task, yet it offers impressive rewards. Moreover, build the mailing list organically as that guarantees the quality of receivers. You can also offer subscription buttons on your website and social media pages so that customers can directly give you their mailing address. This ensures that your marketing campaigns are reaching an already engaged audience.




The key aim of any marketing strategy is to spread awareness about the company and its products as well as drive sales to increase revenue. Digital marketing is a great way of reaching the vast masses. There are different ways a company can make mistakes during promotional activities, but try to avoid the above-mentioned mistakes. This will help you in creating a successful online marketing campaign and save money and effort in the long run. It is also advisable to try a combination of digital marketing techniques and determine the one that benefits your company the most.