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5 Myths about hiring an Interior Designer

5 Myths about hiring an Interior Designer

Tuesday September 18, 2018,

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The interior designers are the ones who add up the essence of beauty and turn the things out to be elegant. Not everyone considers hiring an interior designer for their homes or offices, the reason could be the following myths…

  • It is expensive, and is not a thing for people with moderate budgets.

This misconception is so common among the people, which state that the people with a low budget or small homes should not have an interior designer in their picture. And, this is certainly not the case when it comes to the aspect of affordability.

There are many interior designer services available, which can provide you the service bearing in mind the customers constraints, regardless of the size of the home.

  • Customer’s choice or say, personal taste isn’t a priority.

Another popular myth believed regarding the interior designers are that they turn out their own designs and styles into their client’s house and that the designed house does not reflect the client’s choices, tastes or style, and such is not the case in reality.

The designer first puts up his/her suggestions and recommendation as per his/her experience that mostly aims to reflect the client’s choices, and sometimes they first ask for the client's choices and tastes and then enhance the ideas accordingly.

  • The interior designer marks everything up.

The clients can rest assured of the cost to buy the materials, accessories or furniture that are proposed by the interior designer services. The cost of the purchase will be no higher than if purchased directly from a market.

The interior designer services receive the commissions from the suppliers and not the clients for the materials, so this ultimately saves the clients time and hassles for shopping.

  • The gamut completes quickly.

This is again the popular one believed by the clients. Well, of course, the interior design of a sort can be completed quickly but not if it is to be done well. One of the myths is “A new beautiful home can be created within a tiny budget and in an unfeasible time”, which has been perpetuated by the TV makeover shows.

Certainly, the reality is that a new home takes around four to six months to design and implement it correctly without rushing decisions and cutting corners, whereas a commercial project can be done quicker than this.

  • It’s all about design and not practicality.

Many believe that the interior designers don’t have the reality essence in their art form, which means they are not in touch with the reality of a living family home and are just focused to create a “show-home” effect or sometimes say a “Photo shoot-ready” room, which is reserved for a limited kind and can’t withstand the day-to-day use.

But the fact is, the services create a practical as well as beautiful interior recommending fabric that is scrub able, washable and completely usable for a family.


The designing and the services vary for domestic and commercial designs, as in for commercial if the client the client is after an industrial loft look then the furniture, materials like glass chair mats, desks, etc., are included in the design and if the client is looking for a suburban glamorous home look then the materials and furnishing changes accordingly

There are several prominent interior designers in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, and in other cities who provide the best services as per the client’s interest and tastes. The only thing to bear in mind is that before you hire an interior designer make an analysis on the reviews and know if he/she can fulfill your purpose.

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