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5 SEO strategies to dominate search rankings in 2019

5 SEO strategies to dominate search rankings in 2019

Friday April 12, 2019,

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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an important part of any website and the digital marketers and website owners need to use it to boost traffic on their websites and enhance their rankings on search engines. There are changes every year in the strategies that help the website dominate the rankings so nobody can rely on the old strategies. SEO techniques are updated every year by digital marketers as old techniques do not work continuously.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is basically the techniques used to help your sites rank higher on the search engines like Google, Safari, Bing or Firefox. Most of the developers and content creators work hard every day to plan SEO strategies that work well for their client. There are numerous ways of improving search engine optimization on your website like using the right keywords and creating engaging content.

Your digital marketing team needs to build new strategies every year so that your website ranks higher on the search engines and you will get more traffic to your website. You need to change your website content every year so that customer engagement increases. Trends in SEO change with the changing time, so you need to take advantage of these strategies and adapt your website according to the latest trends.

Here are 5 strategies gaining popularity in 2019 that can help your website dominate search rankings:

1.    Artificial intelligence:


AI is the new future of the world so it’s definitely going to be everywhere. It plays a major role in SEO strategy too as Google is already making use of AI extensively through RankBrain system which uses machine learning to improve the Google search results continuously. Tools like automated insights can be used to improve the SEO of the website and using these insights the unorganized data like the site analytics can be used as a clear description.

Artificial Intelligence can help you spot patterns and make quick improvements. Wordlift plugin can help you in creating content for your website and WordPress uses machine learning so that you can optimize your content.

The plugin provides you with suggestions for the existing content, relevant links and adds structure metadata. More is expected by the Artificial Intelligence in the future to help SEO reach top-notch level. You can make use of AI to optimize your keywords and by generating, grouping and gathering them through keyword tools.

You need to figure out which keywords have the highest potential and create content based on the best keyword. You can use tools like cluster Analysis to audit your existing pages and group them into topics, which will improve the page rank distribution and the search engines can identify them on the basis of a particular topic. Predictive analytics can help you forecast the peak search demand for targeted keywords using Google trends so that you can recognize the search trends and enhance sales. Digital marketers have the power to leverage loads of data like text, images, audios and videos and reviews by the people. Using this data, SEO pros can gain a large number of positive reviews for businesses.

2.    Make use of Voice Search:


Voice search on any website is gaining immense popularity as it is more convenient for the user to speak and use assistant than to type and the results with voice search are faster. Google assistant has changed the way we search the Google and one-fifth of the queries are voice searches on Google. People of almost all age groups are users of voice search especially teenagers.

Voice search is mostly used while travelling or with friends and it has become a vital part of any website to get SEO success. Voice technology is a great tool that can improve the user experience with semantics and uses NLP to recognize voice texture, behavior, and interests. With time it learns your accent, language, and patterns of user’s way of speaking. With the voice search on your website, the user experience can become smooth and perceptive.

When performing voice queries, users use conversational words that are long and the virtual assistant understands it and gives us results. Voice search engines are powered by AI and with every conversation, it becomes smarter. When we type on a computer or a mobile, we use keywords, but with voice search, we converse like a friend.

Users will find it easy to search for products and services if you make use voice search tool and there will be a great increase in Search engine rankings and traffic. Make use of such phrases that people are likely to speak in your title tags, Meta descriptions, bookmarks, and internal links or anchor text so that whenever people search something related to your products or services, your page pops up high on the search engines. People want quick results so all the relevant content must appear in front of their eyes. Voice searches like Apple’s Siri, Google’s Assistant or Amazon’s echo have become very common in today’s world and with the use of natural phrasing; you can top the list in search ranking.

3.    Speed Optimization:


Speed is the need of the day and it is vital to optimize your site for speed. If the loading times are too much of any website, then the site’s rankings may drop down. It is important to improve the speed of loading so that the site’s ranking improves.

More time to load a page can highly impact the audience and due to bad user experience, you will have a loss of revenue as the users will leave your website. Slow pages do not rank high on search engines and they will not show on mobile or desktop devices. Short load time of any website can help your website perform better and you will have more traffic as customers want immediate results and don’t wait for more than 7 seconds for the page to load.

Your website speed is compared to your competitors by Google and if your website is fast then you will have an edge over the competitors. You need to choose a website hosting with care as a cheap website host can damage the speed of your website. Do not load very large images as heavy images can affect the speed as there will be extra data along with every image. PNG images are the best as there is no requirement of high details.

Try not to place too many ads on your page as it can slow down the speed of page and will irritate the user also. Highly designed themes or widgets too can affect the speed of your website, so use simple yet effective themes. A tool like Page speed insight displays page speed score ranging from 0-100 and gives you suggestions about improvement, so digital marketers can make use of these devices and enhance the speed.

Google offers a great tool that offers free speed test for websites with charts about page speed optimization.

Other plugins like Yslow give insights about the page speed and YUI compressor tool helps in minimizing JavaScript and CSS so that your code is compressed.

4.    Improve your website’s mobile pages:


Your SEO rankings might suffer, if your page is hard to use and is slow on a mobile phone, so it is crucial to optimize your website for mobiles and you need to make sure that your mobile site is fast and usable. If your website for mobile is more responsive then you will have more customer engagement and there will be more traffic, so whatever the screen-size, your website needs to work well. It is also important to understand that the website designed for the desktop are different and mobile websites need to be simple so pop-ups and other elements should not be placed on mobile websites as they will interfere with the mobile user experience.

WordPress themes and plugins are designed to be responsive and can help you have a mobile site that is easy to navigate. If your website is mobile friendly then it will automatically improve your SEO and your website will rank higher on search engines. Test your website on multiple devices so that no issues arise. In this manner, you will gain a large amount of traffic and can dominate the search ranking in 2019. Mobile optimization can help you make sure that your mobile visitors are not turning away due to poor site design, page speed, site structure, etc.

Mobile Page speed is a very important factor in SEO and you need to minify the code and leverage browser caching for best UX. Images, CSS and JavaScript are some elements through which Google will understand whether you have a responsive site or not. Do not use the flash plugin on your website to create special effects as it might not be available on the user’s phone.

When deciding on setting up the website, it is vital to decide whether you want dynamic serving, responsive or separate site configuration as there are benefits of every configuration, so all you need to do is set them properly.

5.    Social Media Channels for SEO:


Social media is the new SEO and it is having a great impact on the Search Engine Optimization even in 2019. It is crucial to leverage the potential of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter.

The first step towards social media is to optimize your social media profile, so that if you have consistent images on all of them then your brand will get better recognition. Your profile needs to be in sync with your business and should be interesting enough to attract attention.  It is vital to place a link to your website on social media platforms so that the users can reach your website easily. Keep your social media account active and keep posting updates regularly as per the network so that the client engagement augments. In order to increase the social media updates share-ability, you need to optimize them regularly.

Make use of eye-catching images and ask the audience to share them unambiguously so that people start responding positively. The website content for social sharing needs to be optimized carefully so that the visitors are encouraged to share the content. The content needs to be in high-quality, shareable and should make use of the right keywords as these factors can boost social media engagement. Links to your website through social media platforms can highly impact the rankings on the search engines. Social media profiles help the websites reach higher in search engines ranking and these profiles are often listed amongst top results in search listings so it is a great way to show the company’s profile online.

Even social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter also search engines as you can find products, services or people on these platforms. Strong social media presence is a vital characteristic of online marketing and it is crucial for SEO of any website. Lay focus on the main social media platforms and enhance customer engagement with ease.

Final words:

These are just a few SEO strategies that can help your page dominate the search rankings in 2019 and in addition to these strategies for your website, it is also important to analyze what your competitors are doing for on-page and off-page optimization. It is vital to think innovatively and apply strategies that help you gain an edge over your competitors. SEO strategies can be built up in your framework and they can augment your business to a very high level. Top placement of companies in search engines can give a more favorable return on investments as compared to old forms of advertising. Search Engine Optimization can be used to reach top ten ranking on the search engines and you can get amazing SEO done for your website with a specialist and digital marketers who can design various strategies that are amazing and remarkable.

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