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5 Sources To Learn About Apple March Event Announcements 2019

5 Sources To Learn About Apple March Event Announcements 2019

Thursday April 25, 2019,

5 min Read

Whenever in the market Apple launch something we always thought that it would be some new gadgets, but this time in March – It’s showtime Apple March Event Apple has announced some of the small updates in regards to AirPods, iPads, and iMacs which could be rolling out the next generation of its world-class services.

Let’s Discuss what features Apple Event has announced in its showtime event:

Apple TV Plus (+):

Apple TV+ is the name of its original content subscription services. Apple TV Plus includes its original shows. These Apple TV Plus is coming for Smart TVs, Amazon Fire, Roku, and MAC. These App use machine learning that provides better solutions.

Apple TV app coming to Macs, smart TVs in 2019, Spotting Captain America at Apple event makes Twitter-happy, Spielberg and Hollywood’s top-tier introduce Apple Plus streaming service, Oprah brings Apple CEO Tim Cook to tears, Apple TV Plus is a streaming TV monster Netflix needn’t fear, Kumail Nanjiani’s Little America Apple series to look at immigrant life and Apple TV Plus, Bird Bird team up for Sesame Workshop show Helpsters.

Apple Card:

Apple has just launched a credit card by doing a partnership with Goldman Sachs which is one of the largest companies that joins the fintech space is extremely exciting and Like most things Apple does, the Apple Card design is unique and beautiful in its minimalism.

With Apple now playing in a space where Archa has clear ambitions, we spent the morning going through the detail of Apple Card, and we thought you might be interested. Financially, the product is set to deliver real value to US-based customers by giving them cash back rewards, Apple Pay integration, insights into their spending habits, low-interest rates and by wiping annual and late payment fees! Hoorah!

The Apple card is in Titanium look with no expiry date and no card number on the physical card and that sounds interesting. The features included in Apple card are integrated with Apple Pay and Wallet, Slide to track interest costs, Colour coded spending tracker, and some of the cashback rewards.

The only drawback is that it’s not available outside of the US and not compatible with Android Device.

Apple News Plus (+):

A new subscription service in the Apple News app is Apple News Plus, Which allow users to access Paywalled content and magazines from different news sites. User has to pay a subscription fee after a free session gets expire to get the access as it is an add-on service that lives right alongside Apple’s existing free Apple news content.

The guidance includes all the details from availability to news sites included by magazines and pricing section as well that all user must require to know. With Apple News+ subscription use can access to the most popular magazines over than 200 that include Style, Beauty, health, Lifestyle, Finance, Sports, Business, Entertainment, Food, Home, Garden, Parenting, News & Politics, Science & Technology, Outdoors, and Travel.

No magazines offer the number of collection of past content that included by Apple News+.

Apple Arcade:

A game subscription service like any other announced by Apple known as Apple Arcade. Apple has joined with innovative game developers who can deliver more than 100 new games that push storytelling and design to another level than ever before.

With just one subscription up to ix family members can play anywhere, anytime without ads, limits and in-app purchases which can be available across iPad, MAC, Apple TV, and iPhone.

Apple’s splitting off premium, paid game from the free into a subscription service which is an extension of the App Store known as Apple Arcade.

Apple TV App:

By the Word, Apple TV APP – Central Hub for movies, Series and TV show content, It includes all the stuff from iTunes, Library, Subscriptions, Services, and Apps. Different country-wise it is supported by different services like for the US it’s supported by HBO Now, CBS, Hulu, and Starz but in the UK it includes a partnership with Amazon Prime Video, BBC, Channel 5 and ITV.

If you are using Apple Products like iPhone or iPad and you have upgraded the OS than TV app will appear in your Home screen or if you have already downloaded the latest version that your Video App auto-replaced by TV App. Apple’s TV App will put all the content into one place.

Apple’s TV app will work on apple tv 4th generation or newer than that. In this News and Events, Apple has announced TV features that include Single Sign-Off, Library, Watch Now, Search, and Store.

User can buy TV shows and Movies from the TV App by navigating to the store section. These also include rent facility as well. Apple’s TV app is currently available in the US and the UK, only for iPhone, iPad, iPad Touch and Apple TV (4th generation).


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