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5 Startups that Can Help You Transform a House into Your Dream Home

Interior Design

5 Startups that Can Help You Transform a House into Your Dream Home

Friday November 16, 2018,

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Interior Designers in Hyderabad

 interior designers in Hyderabad
interior designers in Hyderabad

Home is where the story begins! The interior design is not something that just caters for a home’s aesthetic beauty but it refines the functionality, personality, and urbanity. The environment has an impact on how you feel and how you respond to the things. Gone are the days where the interior design was just a self-important expression for a certain responsiveness. Building a home in today’s world is as monotonous as it is exciting. Therefore, you need someone who could read your mind and transform your home into a dream home:

Let us look at the

Top 5 Startups that are Making the Difference in Home Decor:

1. Tangerine Turfs:

Tangerine Turfs was established with a spectre that, ‘your home should tell the story of who you are and what you love.’ Deepti, an MBA graduate from Oxford University and a persistent designoholic departed from her corporate career to outspread her wings across the globe with her vibrantly artistic spirit.

They are one of the best interior designers in Hyderabad that could give the start-to-finish interior design that reflects the client's persona in a crystal manner. Building your dream home would never be this pleasure for sure. From end-to-end professionals and transparent installations, Tangering Turfs have your back. Go, visit their website and you tend to settle there by just watching their breathtaking transformations. They know the perfect blend of artistry and technology, thereby giving you the dream home.

2. Arrivae:

Arrivae has made interior design easy and affordable to homes of all sizes, shapes, and shades. This bootstrapped company uses tech stack while integrating the logistics, production, financing, experience centers to make the journey seamless. Arrive has made its presence in many cosmopolitan cities already.

3. Marks Dzyn:

An interior decoration company that provides design solutions that are affordable, professional, and commendable. Let space be a bathroom, living room, kitchen, or a wardrobe; Marks Dzyn would ensure their mark with their imaginative transformations that only makes the customers say, just wow! They have completed more than 500 projects with a monthly revenue of one crore rupee which is something huge.

4. Purple Turtles:

The Purple Turtles story begins almost a year ago with a motto to create beautiful things, whatever they may be. Over the years, they are lending its services from startups to multinational corporates such as Wipro, TCS, Facebook, Informatics etcetera. They have started with lighting and extended their services to home decor. If you are looking for the interior ideas, they have got the best in the store. Check their artistic pieces here.

5. HouseOme:

HouseOme has recognised how a person is attached with home, make many beautiful memories, and also takes a tinge of delight in its decor; which is why they have come with a plenty of choices to design your abode with astounding solutions. From floor plans to customised furniture, they have everything an ideal home needs.   


Making design, comfort, and elegance accessible to everyone these start-ups are sharply curating their services to make life happen in your home without moving from your chair.