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5 Tips for Improving Your Hotel Management

5 Tips for Improving Your Hotel Management

Monday September 09, 2019,

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The hospitality industry is a competitive field, as it is. However, your performance in it depends on your ability to balance between two things. The first one is the overall guest satisfaction. You see, people tend to return to your hotel over and over again, provided that they’re happy with the service that they’ve received the first time around. This may also lead them to recommend you to others. Then, there’s the issue of cost-effectiveness, seeing as how it directly determines your profit. Here are five vital services whose improvement will help you get both of these things at the same time.

Hotel Room

1.     Hotel reception

Organizing your hotel reception is about more than just knowing how to organize the reception area. The most important thing about managing your hotel reception lies in hiring the right people for the job. These people have three key duties to perform. First, they have the responsibility of answering phones and checking your emails in order to make the bookings. Second, they’re the ones greeting guests who arrive at your office in person. Finally, a hotel reception is the place’s official customer service, where guests and visitors arrive in order to address any issues that they may have with the hotel itself.

2.     A more efficient kitchen

This is one of the areas where you want to invest in the quality appliances and equipment, seeing as how they will all see heavy use. Items will bend, break and get charred/damaged, which will result in a scenario where you have to replace them, thus spending double on the equipment. The menu is also quite important. You want it to be both unique and cost-effective. Therefore, check the local availability of ingredients in order to ensure a steady workflow, as well as the freshness of the food that you put on the table.

3.     Improve your laundry service

Another thing you need to work on is your laundry service. You would be surprised at just how much resources and supplies are wasted on efficient washing, drying and ironing, not to mention time spent on folding and sorting. Apart from supplies necessary for these processes, you also need equipment like laundry trolleys, which will ensure a safe, simple and efficient way of transporting the laundry in question around the place. Aside from this, you also have to handle tasks like hiring and organizing people to handle these tasks.

4.     Better cleaning services

One more thing worth mentioning is the fact that the overall customer satisfaction depends on the cleaning services of your hotel. A lot of hotels tend to outsource this function, however, this can be a personnel nightmare, seeing as how you never know if the cleaning agency has properly vetted the person in question. These people then have access to rooms and personal belongings of your guests while they’re away. For this reason alone, it’s much better to keep this function in-house, instead. Sure, organizing this might be a proper nightmare, however, once you get things going, it might prove to be easier than you would expect.

Clean Hotel Room

5.     Proper furniture

The last thing you need to keep in mind is the fact that the quality of your furniture makes all the difference in the overall guest experience. This is why picking the right beds and mattresses, as well as getting adequate closets, rugs, chairs, armchairs and more, may make a difference when it comes to how your hotel is perceived. Sure, opting for low-end furniture will save you money, however, these things tend to leave a negative impression on your staff. The thing to keep in mind is that luxurious and cheap aren’t the only two options you have, they’re the opposite ends of the same spectrum.

In conclusion

The best thing about improving these five features is the fact that they create an improvement on their own, as well as make your entire organization more efficient. What this means that you can start improving them one by one and they’ll create a boost to your operations independently, regardless of the rest of your organization. This kind of independence gives you a lot of different options to choose from, as well as a chance to improve the very essence of your organization.