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5 tips for MBA applicants from a finance background

5 tips for MBA applicants from a finance background

Thursday September 06, 2018,

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Have you had a shift in your thought process? Are you aiming to pull yourself from the deep dwellings of statistics and figures? Or are you succumbing to the monotony and dreariness that number crunching is spreading around you? Most finance students tend to feel that they are unable to unearth their creative juices, they feel they are suppressing their constructive energy as they’re drowning in a deep reservoir of dullness and disinterest.

It is a true fact that overtime students lose their sense of being, they start feeling a lethargic residue coating their cognitive thought process and therefore they start seeking avenues whereupon they can slip this drabness under the carpet. Certain finance pupils make the staunch and decisive decision of choosing to enter the corporate sphere and hence they deliberate upon enrolling themselves into an MBA degree. When they arrive at this decision, they are then faced with the challenge of writing up an MBA application for their preferred university. Nevertheless, whilst you’re pursuing your finance degree and are thinking of changing your career path, meanwhile, make the choice of delegating your immense amount of workload to a finance essay writing service. These facilities are equipped with proficient, diligent, professional and dexterous writers who have the ability to translate statistics into logical and coherent word structures, without allowing the logic and lucidity of the figures to get lost in the translation.

Regardless, whilst you’re invested in the process of creating your MBA application, and are finding it difficult to charter a road map then make it a point to follow the below-mentioned directives, in order to bring a different nuance and flair into your writing.


Your brain is probably hardwired in a manner where it relates better with numbers rather than words. However, when journeying upon an endeavor where you would be required to display your prose style, it is imperative to showcase your skills in your applicant itself. A unique experience is always enjoyed and liked by the committee, thus, the student must elucidate their experience in a compelling and intriguing manner and should employ the best capacities of their writing abilities.


By the time you reach PG level, most individuals would have job experience folded meticulously away in their pockets. Most individuals would be boasting about their job experience and professional attributes, however, at the end of the day, most committee members tend to seek a human element imbued within the individual. Thus, rather than taking the conventional and orthodox pathway, what is instead important is to narrate your qualities and attributes that can make you different from rest of the group. You can display your volunteering experience, your humanitarian relief efforts and can showcase your non-professional elements. This sort of narrative allows the committee to notice your application amongst the sea of applications they read through every day.

Career Goal:

Enrolling in an MBA program shouldn’t just be for fun, it shouldn’t be studied just because you’re tired and bored with your finance degree. It should instead be seen as an opportunity to take part in the corporate environment and help make a difference in it by incorporating your diligent and unique vantage point. As a consequence, this thought process should be explained in your application.


Your application is most likely to go unnoticed in the large pile and shuffle of applications sent daily. It is vital for the student to present their voice in the narrative, rather than copying and emulating snippets from another individual’s conversation. Make it a point to keep the content natural, simple and free from unnecessary panache.


Ask your friend or any colleague that could help figure out any loopholes that you’ve placed in your content. They can help you understand if you’ve steered more towards boasting about yourself as compared to displaying your capabilities.

On a whole, it is important to not allow minute details to blur your thought process, instead, the student should focus on perfecting the blunt edges of their content before submitting it in.