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5 tips that will help in your SNAP preparation

5 tips that will help in your SNAP preparation

Thursday May 02, 2019,

3 min Read

With 8 months to go for SNAP, the ideal time to start your preparation for the exam would be now. The earlier you start, the more time you have to learn and revise your topics thoroughly. You, therefore, will stand a better chance to crack the entrance exam over others. If you do that and clear the subsequent GD-PI, you will be eligible for an MBA from Symbiosis, which is highly coveted among MBA aspirants.

However, the biggest challenge that students face during their preparation is - How do they work hard and smart at the same time? There are various working professionals who look to give this exam. Some final year students also juggle between their college exams and their SNAP preparation. For them, time management becomes a big factor.

Hence, here are the 5 tips that will help in your SNAP preparation in the time you have allocated for it.

1. Improve your online reading

This tip is with respect to your verbal ability preparation. Since SNAP is an online test, you will be reading long passages during the exam. After reading and understanding the passage, you will have to answer 4 or 5 questions pertaining to it. In that case, consistently reading articles online will improve your reading speed. SNAP is a speed-based paper so you will have complete your passages within a particular time. It will also help you to understand the author’s perspective on reading it the first time itself. You then wouldn’t have to go through the passage repeatedly to answer the questions.

2. Solve DI sets and RCs

Reading comprehension and Data Interpretation sets comprise nearly 7% of the paper. To ace this section, it is essential that you solve at least two DI sets and RCs on a regular basis. If you follow this routine from now till the exam day, you will know how to solve these type of questions like the back of your hand.

3. Read on current affairs

Most MBA entrance exams in India ask current affairs. In SNAP, 25 of the 130 questions comprises of current affairs. Generally, this is considered to be the make-or-break section, as there is no specific portion to study current affairs. You have to grasp as much information as you can from the past two years so that you stand a chance of clearing this section.

The ideal way of preparing it is noting down major events every week in your notebook. This will help you keep track of the current affairs. Manorma’s yearbook is also of great help.

4. Note down formulas for easy reference

Since SNAP is an objective type paper, the quant questions will be based on the direct application of formulas. Therefore, it would be wise to jot down formulas of the required quant topics for easy reference. Regularly learning the formulas will help you to avoid desperately trying to recollect them on your exam day.

5. Give mocks

Any list of tips or suggestions for an entrance exam preparation is incomplete without stressing the importance of giving mocks. Mocks help you analyze your strong and weak points. You can also give sectional tests of chapters you find difficult. The gradual improvement in your mock scores will give you enough confidence to crack SNAP.

A mid the upcoming exams for MBA, SNAP is definitely taken by a lot of students. If you apply these tips in your preparation, you have a great chance to stand out amongst the rest. All the best!