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5 Tips to Market Your Business on Instagram

5 Tips to Market Your Business on Instagram

Tuesday June 11, 2019,

5 min Read

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is not just another social platform for sharing photos and videos, today it is one of the fastest-growing social media apps for promoting your brand. Power of Instagram is clearly visible in the fact that it has more than 800 million monthly users. With so many eyeballs stuck on this platform; makes it an ideal place for brand building. When everything is perfect for you to market on Instagram, the questions that knock the mind is how to market your brand on Insta and grow your account base?

Marketing on Instagram is quite competitive. If millions of users are there then it is obvious that few millions of business are already active with their promotion game. With so much competition already, you need a strong strategy with proven results to be on the top and taste success.

In this article I am going to unveil 5 amazing tips to market on Instagram, so let’s start and help you grow your brand.

  • Optimize your account

The first step towards Instagram marketing is to create a business account and optimize it for the best results. For a killer account, you need to a have a convincing bio, memorable profile picture and a website connected to it that directly takes users to the homepage. It should be your priority to do all this in the first place because these are the first things people see to decide whether to follow you or not.

Create an eye-catchy bio which is descriptive, compelling and feel free to use emojis. The profile picture should represent your brand and don’t consider to change it often, people will remember you by your profile picture so stick to the one you selected at first. You can also use your brand logo if you wish too. And last but not least, give your website link in the bio itself.

  • Varied and engaging content

When you are a digital marketer, you are not new the fact that content is the king. Here on Instagram, content is the key to your success. Content on Insta is not confined to text elements, it has images and video content as well. Here you have to be a little tricky and avoid promotional content that has salesy pitch, rather it should be engaging for the viewers. It should be unique and fun so that viewers are hooked on to it. So, brainstorm and play around with the content as Instagram is a whole different planet and users here are really picky.

  • Cross promotion and influencer marketing

Cross promotion is a proven technique to increase your following. Publicize your current and upcoming posts on your other social handles and invite people to view them and follow you. You can also buy Instagram likes from the websites like instalikesfast.com for your posts to make them more authentic and create a strong impact on the viewer's mind.

Influencer marketing is another way to promote your brand and gain followers. It is an evergreen method and always works to earn the most engagement for your business. It is better to choose influencers who are working in the same niche as you and share a good connection with their followers. Influencers are already trusted in their community, so when they promote your brand it directs a lot of traffic to your account.

  • Videos, videos, and more videos

Visual content is very popular among Insta users. People like more to view and listen rather than read. So, video content can change your marketing game here. You obviously don’t want to miss any chance to bring traffic, increase your number of followers and mark your presence on Instagram. All you need to do is, create some mind-blowing videos that attract viewers.

Your video content should be crisp and interesting which makes people double tap that heart (like), click the follow button and share with their friends as well. Insta also has amazing features to edit videos and make them more fun. Make videos around anything to everything, all it needs is to be interesting not stretched and boring. When it is not that difficult and has nothing but benefits, it is a thumbs up!

  • Customer testimonials

It is important that you promote and recommend your products to your followers but it creates a totally different level of impact when your customers recommend your products. Get in touch with your customers and collect as many testimonials, stories, and reviews as you can and post them on Instagram. Off course in the first place, you should provide an excellent service to them. But once that’s done, run for the feedback and reviews.

Customer testimonials are the best way to flaunt how others got benefited from your service and products. It acts as a powerful tool to establish your brand authenticity, creates a trustworthy image of it and makes potential customers take action (follow you).

Final Words

Instagram has marked its significance in the marketing world and continues to grow. If you have not started yet to use it, there is no better time to start then now. Begin with these 5 tips to market on Instagram and take your first step to stand out in your industry.