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5 Top Tech Startups in Los Angeles in 2019

5 Top Tech Startups in Los Angeles in 2019

Wednesday February 06, 2019,

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The city of angels has long been considered the town of movie stars and everything plastic. But in recent times, LA has been rising to fame for its brilliant startup scene. Derived from the Silicon Valley, Los Angeles is now being referred to as Silicon Beach that resides more than 500 startups at its heart. All this glitz and glamour packs one big question in our minds, which are the top tech startups in Los Angeles? Or more precisely speaking; which are the best startups to work for in Los Angeles?

The second largest city in all of America is on its way to becoming the largest tech hub in the entire world thanks to all the big tech startups that are growing at a lightning fast rate. So we would be answering the million dollar question and show you the 5 best startups in Los Angeles

5 Top Tech Startups in Los Angeles


Zwift is a fitness and training startup that has revolutionized the way technology can help in fitness. Zwift has seamlessly integrated video gaming with exercise and fitness training with the help of their biking simulator that enables a user to pedal a life-size stationary bike. The at-home training app of Zwift connects cyclists around the world.

You can create your in-game avatar just like any other video game and compete with people all over the world. You can go on solo trips on their virtually created five unique worlds like volcano track, NYC track, and also ride in the virtually built replica of real-world cycling championship race tracks like Richmond, Virginia, and Innsbruck-Triol; all this on a $15 monthly subscription for all platforms at any time.


Little drops of water make the mighty ocean. This is the perfect saying that explains what Acorns does. It is a Fintech startup that invests your spare change from every transaction into a diversified investment portfolio. More than 4 million people are using Acorns right now and making a decent RoI on this app.

They have introduced a new feature called Found Money. If you buy anything from their 250+ partner businesses like Airbnb, Blue Apron, Lyft, Walmart, etc., they’ll give you money back on your transactions that will be invested directly to your Acorns account. Their monthly subscription prices are as low as $1 to $3.


Blockchain and Cryptocurrency are two hot words of the year, so there was bound to be a startup related to this industry. Gem is not another cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum but a crypto portfolio tracker. If you become a user of Gem app, it will automatically sync your balances and trade activity across 25 crypto exchanges.

People who have multiple crypto holding know how tough it is to handle transactions and exchange rates. Gem has recently introduced Gemma, “a crypto unicorn” as they like to call which further simplifies the whole process. They have more than 2000 digital assets for users to choose from. The best thing is that they offer the app for free.


Within is a great platform to consume VR content from all across the world. This startup brings together best VR creators to make exceptional content from environments that are created virtually to documentaries and real-content taking you further inside an environment. Within is also responsible for producing and supplying revolutionary video gaming content.

The company was founded in 2014 and since then have raised $53 million in funding and made some amazing partners like 21st Century Fox, Apple, Google, Unity, Universal, Oculus, etc. If we talk about the work benefits with Within then A-listing clients, large offices, and supplied meals are some exciting benefits for potential employees.


One of the top tech startups of Los Angeles, FloQast has helped over 600 businesses in streamlining their work by providing cloud-based software support. FloQast follows a B2B business model and helps companies manage their accounting department with their cloud-based products giving companies a chance to implement a centralized workflow and task assignment. The company was found in 2013 and since then made a good name among top startups in Los Angeles.


These were our top picks for top tech startups in Los Angeles in 2019. If your company was not on the list there is no need to give up; you must find the top Los Angeles app development company and make use of their technical support to become one of the best startups in Los Angeles in 2020.