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5 simple Steps To Become A Career Counsellor In India

Simple 5 step process and the ultimate guide for passionate individuals to learn and become a successful career counsellor in India.

5 simple Steps To Become A Career Counsellor In India

Friday July 24, 2020,

7 min Read

To become a successful career counsellor, you require a lot of efforts, knowledge and persuasiveness. But this is one of the most rewarding career in today's time. Nevertheless, if you are willing to put in the required effort, nothing is stopping you from becoming a successful career counsellor. 

To shed some light on you, India has less than 5000 professionally trained career counsellors for a youth population of 400 million. This is a huge gap which needs to be addressed.

With the increase of student population every year, the need and demand for career counsellors are at an all-time high.

As a career counsellor, it is your responsibility to make decisions based on a psychometric test which is perfectly aligned with the students' career interest. 

This is a key challenge as there are very few professional and certified career counsellors.

This is your ultimate guide to become a successful career counsellor. In this guide, you will learn everything you need to understand to become a career counsellor. You will learn proven tactics being used by thousands of accomplished career counsellors across the globe. 

So, if you're looking to become a successful career counsellor, you'll love this guide. 

In this guide, you will find the exact 5 steps to follow to become a successful career counsellor.

1.   Learn Career Counselling Essentials

The first step to become a career counsellor is to learn what is career counselling and how it works.Career counselling is the process of helping students and professionals understand themselves and help them find their true potential based on scientific methodology.

Career counsellors are similar to doctors who analyze the behaviour and abilities of the candidate. Based on the analysis, they guide students and professionals for the most suitable career option and provide a complete career roadmap with the execution plan.

Career counsellor acts as a bridge between the individual and happy career. They monitor and analyze the students, and help them to choose a career that directly aligns with the personality, interest and aptitude. 

Career counsellor acts as a guiding light in the students/professionals lives.  

Career counselling is not a simple discipline. You need to have massive knowledge about the number of career paths, new age career paths, career options and career opportunities. Career counsellor should also know the following key essentials:

  • Understanding of Psychometric theories used in career counselling.
  • Applied career counselling
  • Career Information on new-age career options
  • Objection handling
  • Case studies
  • Understanding of human psychology
  • Multiple dimensional psychometric assessments

These are the following resources to learn Career Counselling Essentials.

  • Career Counsellor Program 

Career counselling is a continuously growing industry. The current career counselling market gives a plethora of opportunities for individual who are planning to become a career counsellor. It is an evergreen industry. Education sector itself in India is a massive market with a lot of growth opportunities.

Career counselling as a concept needs more understanding of applied career counselling, case studies and career analysis that is not possible if it is self-paced recorded course. 

It is highly recommended to have an instructor based career counsellor program where the instructor resolves your doubts and share lots of learnings and real-time scenarios. Unlike other programs to learn from, modern career counselling techniques required a lot of interactions and hand-holding's.

Certified career analyst (CCA) is a leading career counsellor certification program in India to become a career counsellor. More than 2400+ passionate individuals from different domains are trained on new generation career counselling techniques.

They are empowered with AI-Based Career Assessment Platform, which is multi-dimensional and caters to the need of the individual.

These career counsellors get end to end business and marketing support to scale their career counselling practice effectively.

CCA program is the highest-rated career counselling platform in India.

  • Online career counsellor videos-

There are lot many online videos are available to sharpen your career counselling skills. Best source for such kind of videos is youtube.

·      Career Library – 

A career library conveys that there are a lot of career opportunities available for students and professionals. It helps the students to analyze in-depth about the career options available and make an informed decision. 

Edumilestones is synonymous to Encyclopaedia for the career path. They do career exploration across 20+ career clusters, 175+ career paths and 2000+ occupations.

2.   Career Counsellor Certification

A career counsellor certification can add value to your profile. It will help in increasing your credibility as a career counsellor.

"A study conducted by Georgetown University claims that individuals with professional credentials add at least 25% in their earnings."

Now the main question which arises here is which career counsellor certification program to opt for?

There are a lot of good career counsellor certification programs available to become a career counsellor.  

Being a certified career counsellor can help you stand out from the competition and increase your credibility and reliability. 

Becoming certified does not prove that you are a good career counsellor professional. Still, it definitely shows that you have the necessary knowledge and the skills to take up the career counselling practice. 

For career counsellors, certified career analyst (CCA) program can qualify you to you become certified career counsellor professional. 

Certified career analyst exam is conducted every month, and pass percentage is 75%.

Any graduate from any discipline can opt for certified career analyst program.

Certified career analyst program is the highest rated and recognized career counsellor certification program in India. This is the only program in India which is recognized by Bhartiya Counselling Psychology Association (BCPA) and ACCPH (Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists, United Kingdom).

3.   Get Hand-holding in Career Counselling

Career counselling training contributes only 40% of entire learning. Most of the successful counsellors admit that maximum learning they got was through initial hand holdings and support. 

Many passionate individuals who want to become a successful career counsellor come from different industry. Career counselling is an entirely new topic for them.

Only providing training is not enough. To become a successful career counsellor, you should get initial hand-holding and support. Before opting for any program, check for it.

You also need a trainer/instructor who should guide and support you.

When it comes to career counselling, hand-holding plays a significant role in building the confidence of a career counsellor. We at edumilestones provide extensive training with continuous hand-holding support

The start of any career role begins with learning and training. Once we complete the training, having someone to handhold and supervise us, makes the beginning of our career journey relatively easy, confident and comforting.

4.   Start Best-In-Class Career Counsellor practice

Career Counselling is not a theoretical concept, but it's highly measurable and practical. Learning career counselling is synonymous to learning swimming. You need to get into the water to learn it.

Once your initial hand-holdings are over, the next step is to start your official career counselling services without taking any gap.

Best career counselling program follow the rule of 40:20:40.

40% weightage is given to learn and focus on applied career counselling.

20% weightage is given on Assignments and self-learning.

40% weightage is given on hand-holdings.

Those days are gone when one-dimensional career analysis was enough. Now, most of the career counsellors use multiple dimensional career analysis to find out the most suitable career path.

Multiple dimensions include Personality analysis, Career interest analysis, Career motivators, Learning style and Abilities.

Its time now to declare that you are offering Best-In-Class Career Counselling services.

Following career opportunities are available for a trained and certified career counsellor.

  • Become career counsellor in progressive schools
  • Start your own career counselling venture
  • Work with NGOs
  • Work as career counsellors in CSR Projects
  • Become a trainer and mentor
  • Work in a career counselling company
  • Work in a study abroad educational consultancy
  • Work with educational institutions as academic advisor/counsellor
  • Offer career counselling as specialization only with other types of counselling

5.   Stay up to date on Career Counsellor Knowledge and counselling trends.

To become a best-in-class career counsellor, make sure that you are staying up to date with latest career counselling practices, advancements, trends, new-age career options and educational news.