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Top mobile app development companies in Kansas

Friday August 04, 2017,

3 min Read

Todays world is dominated by Mobile Apps. From simple task manager to heart beat tracker you will find mobile apps for everything you can think of. Truly Mobile ecosystem has expanded to multiple folds since its inception, so as the number of mobile development companies have also increased across the world.

But to find out the best is very rare and difficult because not everyone can be in the category of best. Mobile ecosystem is highly competitive.

Working in this versatile industry give you a very important knowledge about the cost, factors to be considered while counting the cost, best companies around the world etc.

So today I am going to share few companies which are indeed the best in the world. They have created some finest apps on Android and iOS. Their portfolio is quite strong and above all they are continuously exploring and expanding themselves to make a difference.

1. Webclues Infotech

Webclues Infotech is a multi-award winning digital agency based in New York, helping businesses and organisations around the globe save the world one app at a time. With a particular passion for building technology for good, be it life-saving, life-changing or problem alleviating, we champion the genius over the generic.

Min. Project Size: $10,000

Avg, Hourly Rates : $5 — $55 / hr

Employees: 50–250

2. Radeeccles

Our extensive background in enterprise software development, technical integration, user interface design, user experience, project management and consulting enables us to focus decades of experience on defining and implementing mobile business solutions and teaching best practices and lessons learned to other mobile developers.

Min. Project Size: $25,000

Avg, Hourly Rates : $100 — $150 / hr

Employees: 50–250

3. Appclues Studio

AppClues Infotech is one the best UK, USA and India based UI/UX Design, mobile app development agency , specializing in mobile app innovation and strategy. We integrate them into fully-fledged business solutions, establishing a strong online presence for your company and maximizing your ROI.

Min. Project Size: $10,000

Avg, Hourly Rates : $5-$55/Hr


4. Quarkstudios

Quark Studios’ mission is to help our clients integrate mobile solutions within their organizations. Partnering with our clients, we create solutions that increase productivity, effectively manage risk and improve customer satisfaction. Our clients have successfully made the transition to mobile and are leveraging new technologies to enhance their workflows and capitalize the fully immersive experience of the mobile future.

Min. Project Size: $45,000

Avg, Hourly Rates : $100 — $150 / hr

Employees: 100–250

5. Engagemobile

We approach the world of mobile technology differently than a typical app developer. From our first conversation with clients we are focused on delivering results that will improve their business — by increasing revenue, decreasing cost or managing risk.

Min. Project Size: $50,000

Avg, Hourly Rates : $100 — $155 / hr

Employees: 50–250

This is a list of top mobile app development companies in Kansas which provides proficient mobile app developers. They all provide quality mobile apps using cutting-edge technologies for developing mobile apps for multiple devices.