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Effectiveness of Magento Mobile App in eCommerce Business

Making your webstore available in the form of Mobile App would definitely increase your store availability at the same time increase exposure of your products and your brand.

Effectiveness of Magento Mobile App in eCommerce Business

Wednesday November 22, 2017,

3 min Read

The emerging eCommerce business has taken the shopping experience of customers to the next level. In order to design and develop an amazingly swift eCommerce store, Magento is the best platform. Being a free Open Source platform it gives immense customization capability. To keep up with the increasing customer demand and fulfill their needs. It has become a must to have a mobile app for an eCommerce store.

According to experts if your business is not investing in a mobile eCommerce solution, you are probably missing on attracting potential customers and directing them to the competitor’s business. 43% of smartphone users claim to find mobile shopping quick and easy rather than shopping through the site.

Mobile App is one such platform which allows a shopper to make the decision whenever required. Making your webstore available in the form of Mobile App would definitely increase your store availability at the same time increase exposure of your products and your brand. Having a Magento mobile app would provide the advantage of easy integration with your existing Magento store. This enables you to manage your web store and your app all from the administrator’s panel. An integrated mobile app builds trust factor among the shoppers as it allows them to compare products and prices and take advantage of promotional offers all through the mobile app.

The advanced version of Magento is categorized into two parts Magentowebstore with an XML Connect extension and a native application. The new version comprises of several features that are beneficial for both consumers and merchants. Some useful features like online payment, gift cards and credit card acceptance while purchasing are now available. Easy access to the order details and also a facility to write product review and rating through the smart phone is now available on the maganto mobile apps. Magento Mobile App comes with default features which are already available on Magento eCommerce site. And also add-on features like push notification, mobile shopping cart and many more which enhances the mobile shopping experience of the customers.

Hence it becomes a must to adopt a mobile application for your eCommerce store as the number of people searching for products online using the mobile shopping apps has been tremendously increasing. Shoppers prefer mobile apps in place of ecommerce sites as there is less navigability. A recent studyby Comscorestates that shoppers who search for products over mobile app 78% of those shoppers place an order right away through the mobile app. The amazingly high conversion rate builds high opportunity for eCommerce business and has been cementing roles of mobile applications like ecommerce magento iPhone app and magento android app as the backbone of the modern eCommerce.

Magento Mobile apps play a major role in leading the mCommerce business and all the foremost eCommerce businesses can leverage the technology and earn high ROI while attracting more and more customers to the online store.

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