Engineer turned artist - SD Fine Arts' story

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Engineer turned artist - SD Fine Arts' story

Friday May 13, 2016,

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My Story is like that of any other engineering student who gradually realised his passion but my journey to choosing art as a full-time job was a tough decision. Having said that, if I look back I feel great about the fact that I chose what I thought was right and my vision of contributing to the arts industry with my services is in process.

Started single handedly as an art-based startup "SD Fine Arts", we are now a team of five artists and two graphic designers. Our website offers customised, handsketched and handpainted portraits from a range of seven different artforms and deliver it to the customer's doorstep. We are aiming at infusing art into the lives of every individual by offering it online with the ease of a click .

Our service doesn't end there, the customer receives a time lapse video of the complete making of the portrait along with fine quality framed portraits. This allows the customer to see the process and 

gives the customer the comfort of booking a portrait online by sending a picture/reference and discussing the details with the artist directly.

With a vision of offering double the number of artforms in the near future, SD Fine Arts is open to artists who would like to join the team and re-infuse life into the art industry.

Apart from that, we undertake artistic interior projects where we completely turn the place into a creative spot keeping in mind the aura of the place. This creates a buzz in the market, making more people opt for artistic interiors where we use handpainted artworks, wall art, coffee paintings, metal artworks and much more to give a creative touch to the place.

We have completed six such projects in the last six months and are aiming at much more in next couple of months.

With established presence in Chandigarh and Jodhpur at present, we are now aiming at expanding to other major cities across India.


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