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Havoc of having Kala Dhan

Havoc of having Kala Dhan

Wednesday November 09, 2016,

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Havoc of having Kala Dhan

Overnight, the Rs.100, Rs10, Rs.20 and coins have become prized possessions and the reason is world famous – a directive from current Prime Mnister Mr. Narendra Modi to abolish use of Rs.500 & Rs.1000 along with guidelines and introduction of Rs.2000 note.

Every black money owner had a sleepless night from past few days. Again and again opposition is crying over Black Money. Millions of money is hoarded in Swiss Alps having a cooling breeze where a common person is crying for a morsel of bread. In India also much black money is decked up.

First the guidelines issued from the current Prime Minster Mr. Narendra Modi,to submit black money till end September, and the amount of 65,250 crores of black money has been declared.Then the latest guidelines came on 8 November, that usage of Rs.500 & Rs.1000 notes will be barred. It has some guidelines.

When the move finally came for eradicating the so called Kala Dhan alias Black Money from India and as per the directives of our Honorable' Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi, the notes of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 denominations will no longer in use and other guidelines also like introduction of Rs.2000 note.

How it will affect to curb the three evils of our Indian Society:



                                                             Black Money

All these evils will uproot from the Indian society.

But one might be wondering that how black money contributors to the terror department in India. Terror is has enveloped the world. Be it Europe or Asia all are affected. But your question might be how it affected the Terror.

The answer lies in this revelation;

The fake Indian currency is often printed in the Middle Eastern countries, and there all the mafias and the underworld people do this. It is often advised to the customers to look after the fake currency notes in Gulf. But who are the major kingpins in producing fake currency. They are the major militant outfits and mafia people like Dawood Ibrahim, whose extradition is long demanded by Indian Government.

So the fake currency is printed and then it is converted in dollars. There lies a catch. It is converted to dollars and the fake currency has been circulated well. Then comes the role of our neighbors, Pakistan and their dedicated agency for terror activities ISI. It helps the prevalent wrath of militancy in India by buying arms and training militants in the home camps. Though fingers of Pakistan have been burnt so many times but still it has continued to fund the terrorism.

With the complete of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes from the Indian system, it is going to huge cry situation for the Terror outfits across the globe.


Coming up:

 Election UP ...Freebies: Liquor, money and even LEDs. All are given to gather a vote bank.Around 1 Lac Crore will now have nowhere to go 

After the elections the blame of paying millions of rupees will be on the various parties. How money travels ...Friend it does not travels, it is stagnant in the form of Black Money .It is only taken out during the elections for buying vote banks. In the end everyone will cry foul. But this move will help in fair play elections.

Real Estate; It is expected to see correction of around 30 percent.

Real estate promoters will have a tough time as the property deals are in cash as this sector has jeopardized the Indian economy. Often the registry of the property is done in the lower amount than the circle rate.

Let's study an example:

The cost of an apartment is 1 crore but the registry is done on the 30 lac amount which is quite less than the circle rate. This implies that around 70 lac amount will be black money. This fades away the dream of owning a home. Every middle person's dream is to own a home. But now with this directive this will make secondary real estate transactions to become transparent and the homes will be more affordable and dreams will come true.

Tax Duties, Import Tax and VAT Taxes:

No kacha bill. Without bills so many transactions are done on the day today basis also like in Kirana Shops and everywhere.


You went to shop and suddenly has an affinity for an dress priced at whooping Rs.5000. After much bargain the dress is given at Rs.4100.But shopkeeper will candidly say, “Madam bill nahi milega". You are happy with bargain don’t even bother to pay heed to what he is saying. This gives birth to corruption. This is an evil in our society and potential threat to growth and progress of the country.

But tables are turned as this won’t be possible from now onwards…No Kacha bill or no bill. Pay VAT, Sales tax and other taxes.

All these sectors and factors will help in having a stable Indian economy and help the rupee again to stabalise. The money which is send by Hawala along with the huge deposits in Cayman Islands will be a trash soon. Either us it or throw it, no second thoughts on Black money now.

A last message in the end as people will panic:

As the superstar #Rajnikanth quoted”New India is born ..#JaiHind. Truly a systematic change in the last 2 years!!!

Timing is also key - 8 pm announcement means no possibility to make last moment transaction at jewellers shop or any impact on share market

Guys, just look at the timing! He's totally screwed the satta bazaar who are betting thousands of crores on the US elections results today. The results will be out by 1 am, whereas the currency notes will be worthless from 12 am tonight...: That's okay, Be at home. Don't worry, Eat wat u have, Travel as u can, Ask for lift if u don't have change

Don't worry

This is a drastic change, It's for good ..We can support this

Don't complain or frustrate ...it's our chance to raise India back to what it was... Sone ki chidiya

It's our chance to support our leader

Indeed why only army has to support the fight

Let's support our PM..

Drastic change does not come slowly.. It hits like a hammer and breaks all that is ... 😎

It can be chaos in the moment; it will be revolutionary transforming for our coming generations.

I don’t mind bearing this inconvenience now, for a better future.

Above mentioned views are of Mr. Ankit Jain, CEO,booming ecommerce company ,EBazar.Ninja, on how black money will be helping to curb the evils of Indian society i.e. terrorism, corruption and black money.