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Effective and Safe Natural Male Breasts Reduction Treatment

Effective and Safe Natural Male Breasts Reduction Treatment

Saturday December 17, 2016,

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The sign of beauty, attractiveness and youthfulness in women i.e. large breasts is opposite for men. It is more of a feminine phenomenon. Enlarged breasts are considered a problem, this condition is called as gynecomastia. Such a condition affects you psychologically along with your physical appearance. There are treatment options available for this condition.

Treatment Options

Your plastic surgeon would help you better in choosing the right treatment for you.


If you need a less invasive treatment for gynecomastia and the skin of chest area has not lost its elasticity, then liposuction might be the right option for you. A liposuction procedure works to breaks the fat and then suction out the fat from the treatment area.

Breast Reduction Surgery

Surgical breast reduction is carried out under the administration of general anesthesia. The procedure involves your surgeon to make an incision in the armpits or around the areola to remove the excess fat and skin tissues improving the contours of the chest. The incisions are stitched closed using sutures after fat removal.

Who Can Opt For Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

Male breast reduction surgery is used to reduce the size and improve the definition of the breasts whilst tightening the skin. You can consider undergoing a breast reduction surgery if;

• Your breasts are enlarged and overdeveloped

• Your one breast is larger than the other

• Your skin is not sagging

• You are around your average weight

• You don’t suffer from a serious medical condition that can interfere during or after the procedure.

• You do not smoke or you will have to stop smoking at least 3 weeks prior to the surgery.

What Should I Expect After surgery?

• You may experience discomfort and pain for few initial days but pain killers would help.

• You are likely to experience side effects like bruising or swelling that will disappear in some days. Results will be completely visible after swelling is gone.

• You can walk but you will be asked to avoid any strenuous activity. You can get back to your routine in less than a week.

The recovery process after the surgery is different for every individual and for that your plastic surgeon will give you a list of personalized post-operative instructions that will help you in a comfortable and easier recovery. However, here is the list of some instructions that are same for all patients.

• You will be given pain medications and antibiotics that you must take regularly.

• You can use cold compresses to reduce the discomfort.

• You will be given a compression garment that you should wear to control swelling

• Avoid sun exposure to the incision sites

The results of breast reduction surgery will be amazing and permanent. If you are looking for a treatment for gynecomastia, male breast reduction surgery in abu dhabi is the right option for you. However, the most important thing is that you have chosen a well-experienced surgeon to perform the procedure to ensure your safety and success of the surgery.