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Tuesday December 06, 2016,

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Humans alone are weak: physically, mentally n emotionally. We work the best only when united.

But each organism is greedy.

So how do we unite people??

Ans: Give them an imaginary stuff that cannot be explained and tell them that it is their goal. (The goal is such that it would never be achieved)

We wanted humans to be together. To have a mutual feeling of love and respect among themselves.

So we gave them common goals. The common goals were given in the form of religions and nations.

Suppose you are at a place where you know noone.

A strange looking unknown asks you for help. Would you help him?

Most people won't.

Now suppose that the person tells you he is from the same place/ same religion as you are from.

Mutual/ Common connection achieved!

Now would you?

Yes, you would be happy to help them.

AiM: To united people and improve their efficiency by giving them something in common.

RESULT: Mission achieved.

REASON: The feeling of commonality brought through nation or religion.

Nations are just imaginary boundaries meant to inculcate a feeling of commonality among people so that they can work more efficiently and help grow and prosper each other.

Nations constantly evolve. They change in size culture n dimensions. Once your nation was a small state headed by a king. At other time so big that it even included parts of Pakistan and further.

Remember: The goal of nations is not to die or kill those who are different. The goal is to help each other prosper mutually.

Why are most of the world's biggest companies from the silicon valley?

Because helping others, adding value is inculcated in the part of their business culture. People in Silicon Valley would even go as far as helping their competitors in times of need. This makes the entire flow of products, information and knowledge easier and better.

Your love for nation won't be judged by how many times you hosted the national flag (because it is just a tool to create a feeling of commonality among beings), it would be judged by how many individuals you selflessly helped grow and prosper. (Because working together for the mutual growth and prosperity is the real objective)

So in how many lifes did you add value today? How many people did you help grow?

Because thats the measure that would ACTUALLY judge your love for your country.

Long live Indians!!