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Enhancing parents- teachers communication

Trends towards excellence via Teacher- Tot relationships

Enhancing parents- teachers communication

Monday March 27, 2017,

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SMS’, Groups’ via Whatsapp, FB Connect and Skype are some of the means to connect with the community of parents, the ultimate stakeholders of the learning community. The desire to know the updates has come to concern by many at large. Parents tend to be nurturing teachers of themselves with the pride of being mature decision makers for the family but their inception towards school leverage counts to nurture the communication expertise to showcase towards excellence. The periodic notion of my child or my ward from the teacher to the parent comes with an ease of perception to a little gap some where.

At odd time intervals, the connect is a miss which preludes the success of the children both in terms of knowledge seeker to the skillful attributes of concern. The lamination which reserves because of this has to explore with the empowered and enhanced parent teacher communication expertise on cards and has a frequent occurrence in particular. Believing in the fact that the parents involvement activates the learning in a big way. To the density of understanding, this involvement caters to the supreme and impacts the outcome of the school education in totality. The bridging this gap is a universally accepted desire for now. The kids who engage themselves among peers to explore learning, tend to deliver and count on the self learning mode of creative learners and information creation individuals. The database of the knowledge source ware, activates their presence of deem interest to the peers. The parents connect hence-forth is a priority as of now and the following ideas and points tend to discover the universality of its acceptance:

School Diary/ Almanac to some extent delivers the freedom to share in writing with acknowledgement and share. This is one of the bonds which promote a connect.

With pride and pleasure of many, the Cloud based Connect has particularly paved to the new dimension and the definition of connect with the stake holders via the word of clue “ERP” which provides a platform which can integrate into the existing pedagogy and frees the teachers/ educators of connect and to make them perform better at their destined assignments.

Want for connect, as we the parents, confirm to the engagement in our children’s school’s education as an observer, the communication and the connect in particular, the limiting belief towards the students by the teachers. The teachers, do have but, the limited time in the classroom with the classroom sizes not paving a fixed number, it appears exclusively impossible to identify the concept of understanding for every student in the classroom itself. No wonder the power of technology has paved a proper instant communication methodology; the limitations preview a different mindset. There appears no way to identify learning levels and customize and distribute content based on those learning levels without changing the way the classroom was taught. The tech candies dwell here with perception and dilutes the tension of the masses in most of the unique ways.

With the advancement, the parents are able to connect continuously engage in their child’s learning and development through the automated reports, letting them know what was taught in the class, what their child’s learning levels are and how they have been progressing in particular. The aimed requisite is to communicate, collate and collaborate in conjunction to deliver the best for the stakeholders, the ultimate google generation of the day, who pact to learn at their leisure and pleasure without the chalk or duster but the pace of their own interest via the communication tool of theirs at prosperity. The ultimate is the spectrum to deliver engagement for the masses within the rooms of knowledge deliver and also in the cyberspace gaining the repute of ORM, the Online Reputation Management for the educators at large. This is a particular fact of soliciting culture to dwell and explore the narration in particular.

The taste of technology has yielded a pace with the march to deviate many schools to come on apps to the surprise of many which offers a certain look out of connect with base.

I remember the great fable here about the High-Flying Balloons: A man was selling balloons on the streets of New York City. He knew how to attract a crowd before he offered his wares for sale. He took a white balloon, filled it up, and let it float upward. Next he filled a red balloon, and released it. Then he added a yellow one. As the red, yellow and white balloons were floating above his head, the little children gathered around to buy his balloons. A hesitant boy looked up at the balloons and finally asked, “If you filled a black balloon, would it go up too?’. The man looked down and said, ‘Why, sure! It’s not the color of the balloon, it’s what’s inside what makes it go up!’

What’s inside of you determines whether you achieve peak success experience in your life. Climbing to the peak depends upon your mind and your attitudes.

The learning from the above comes as an essence to learning for motivating our students, to be attracted to positive comments and be ready to excel in life like the high balloons with no color of choice but the high expectations in particular. Let sky may be not the limits towards success for it counts to be a Kaizen as a habit rather than an occasional occurrence. For today the teachers’ need to connect at length to the parents and the students with equal pace and density of satisfaction to pave their being STREET SMART! with the very connect of doses and learnings of fertilized future of their wards in particular. As for teachers, anger at times is a preface out of irritation within the classroom situations. Let there be a niche of the tale, “Kill Anger, before it kills you !”, we at times blame different things for losing our temper, let this be off the routine, if there has to be a win-win situations for all, for children will only like the subject if they like the TEACHER !

Happy Teaching and Parenting too!

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