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The digital big bang

Digital Disruptions & Technological Advancements

The digital big bang

Monday March 12, 2018,

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“I saw your LinkedIn profile that says you are a technocrat and I am sure to become an engineer you must have been to a university that taught you the computer sciences and based on your literal academicals experience, would you tell me how come what we have been selling for $3500 after years of research and investment is now being sold by our new competitor for $350? Did they even attend high school?” how are they doing it?"

One of US’s top Electronic and Instrumentation Company’s senior executive irritatingly said that to me over the phone, seeking a concrete answer to how the disruption happens that does not even warn you before it rip you off.

What a time in history to breathe in and become part of a digital culture that no generation before us ever experienced in the modern human history. The age of digital disruptions… to what the technology world today translate it to as Digital Transformation.

AI becoming the topic of discussion even to those who never belong to tech, to questions of AI snatching bread and butter from men to Smart Factories deploying robotics – Industry 4.0 to Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation coming out from the same shell of AI, giving the new world a new automated solution that would announce extermination of what we are using today in the blink of an eye. Blockchain, Cloud and IoT giving us Smart City and Smart Living to 5G being just couple of years away from being a digital reality.

This will be a testing time for those enterprises who would take a late call in digitizing themselves whether belong to consumer market, B2B – Ecommerce or a product/solution builder or a TSP. The key to sustenance here would be the ability to embrace the digital transformation in all its forms and fashion.

Digital disruption will impact the most to those within Telco’s, whether on service or product side of the story, if not acquire the futuristic technologies like Blockchain, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and RPA. Gartner feels most TCP’s are not fully there and remain vulnerable to the impact of disruption that can be lethal in disturbing the economic balance, growth and sustenance.

It is a reservoir of opportunities for Telco’s and enterprises serving around software solution and product developers to capitalize more on Digital Transformation. Need of the hour is to fully digitize themselves to remain on top of their own market(s) as well be ably ready in disrupting their prevalent segments that holds for them a direct responsibility towards their customers who are today more tech savvy. The larger and bigger the value proposition in offering is the greater the results would be.

The digital leadership of 2018 and the leaders of digital disruptions will play this more intelligently and rapidly than those who chose to take their decision little late. It is also time to analyze how much do we need in technological advancements and what should be our limitations to ensure we are not impacting negatively to the earth we are living on.