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The Secret of Creating an App like Whatsapp

The Secret of Creating an App like Whatsapp

Friday October 27, 2017,

6 min Read

The Whatsapp clone mobile application of Instacy is distributing so many admirable and advanced features to the user. This mobile application has a number of well-built features in order to fulfill the user’s demand. One time investment facility is possible for this instant messaging mobile application. The process of installing this clone script is arrived with 100 percent of secure code for an authentication and to protect the files which have to be transmitted.

The search tabs are available to find out the opponent user with whom the user wants to chat with. The notifications are updated very instantly and professional support for the user and their demands are provided effectively. White labeled products are available in this clone scripts to implement the technology solutions on the service. It has a powerful dashboard to develop the admin control panel and the specifications which are available there.



Scimbo is another one clone script which is used to have an online messaging facility. Chatting with single user or number of users is possible by the respective features and this clone script is providing a better place for an instant messaging. Sharing location and other files such as contacts and documents are possible through this mobile application. Web log in process is achieved with the help of QR code and the procedure to log in will be varied depends on the various web version.

The push notification facility is applicable for the users to get the knowledge about the complete actions. Muting the chats is possible in this mobile application and the user can block or lock the chats as per their wish. Messaging information is directly updated to the user regarding the sent messages and the received messages. The solution is very much efficient and it can act as a chat room application for the speculators.


In this Whatsapp clone script, is a multiple platform computing application and it can be accessed on Android and iOS. It has a stable chat server for an online conversation and there are so many indispensable terms and conditions have been defined on the mobile application. This clone script is too much compatible with the desired projects and the file can be uploaded easily through the online connection. Each and every profile should be updated frequently in order to develop the profile setup in the mobile application.

This clone script is a smart software product which is scalable and consisting some reliable features. It can manage with some of the application interface and codes which are used for an authentication. Free audio and video calls are possible and the emoticon support is very much helpful to the users to send the information.



Synchronizing the contacts to chat with each other is successful to pick or find the opponent user. The mobile application has some privacy and security settings to keep the information in a secure manner. If the user wants to check their mostly texted opponent user, they can access the feature of storage usage. In fact, there are so many trendy features have been introduced to achieve the certain task. It distributes so many advantageous things towards the process of broadcasting the messages. Formatting the text which has different fonts and styles are possible with the help of respective features. The particular user can invite the opponent user with whom they want to chat through online. There is an option to stop the feature for an auto download process and adding the shortcut to the specific contact also possible in it.


Yakista is one of the best clone apps that are successful in the industry. It has the best features that are similar to WhatsApp clone features and it is user-friendly too. It is compatible with both iOS and Android. It is free of cost and does not take that much of memory space. The user experience is the best one without any complications. It offers a friendly experience without any complications. With the aid of the voice call option, one can make calls globally without paying any amount. There is a specialized option known to be audio message helps the folks to leave information when the folks are away. The secret message option offers many facilities for the folks to delete the messages after a short interval of time. With the aid of the mute option, the messages will be received without the notification. The media files can be shared across the world with ease across the different platforms.


Thazzy is also one of the best clone apps that offer many features. One can send text messages or one can also go for free audio and video calls. It is both compatible with both Android and iOS. This app has earned a good name in the market and several technologies are used. In this app, the signaling technology has been achieved. It provides a good experience that includes a true real-time messaging and it allows the folks to use it host a web server. The ability to make calls is totally included in the software’s free source code. The registration process is a simple one and only if the phone call is an authenticated one, the next step will be proceeding on. Here is a list of emojis are available in order to share their feelings through online. The ability to create a group conversation is possible with the aid of the admin. The admin has all the rights to add or remove a member from the group.


Scimbo is one of the best messaging apps and it is a popular WhatsApp clone too. It is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. It has a user-friendly interface along with an interactive web application. If you want to bookmark the important messages it is possible here. There is a list of the privacy policy for the profile picture, status and last seen. With the usage of the Blocked Contacts, the folks can both block and unblock the person at the same time. One can also invite their friends who are all not involved in the Scimbo app. The respective download link will be sent to their friends. With the aid of the instant search, one can find the users, chats and for the messages for the term immediately. The emoticons feature helps to understand the content in a better manner. Just to make the conversations fun and engaging, the smiley’s can be used at any time.

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