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Earning 4000 a month to setting up a web development company in just 4 years

Friday July 22, 2016,

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I am Vikas Pundora. I am a frequent reader of yourstory.com.

I have read a lot of stories on your website. I have read the story of many young entrepreneurs and it motivates me a lot.

I am also a young entrepreneur. I am 26 years old and I own a web development agency based here in Faridabad. I am graduated in Computer Applications from Jamia Hamdard University New Delhi.

I started my career as a web developer 5 years ago in February 2011. My starting salary was approx 4000 INR at that time. I worked hard for 4 years and side by side I started working as a freelancer and developed working relationship with many companies based in USA, UK and Australia. I did their web development works on part time basis.

They used to pay me approx 10 USD per hour that was equivalent to my one day salary in my day job. I started working harder in my freelancing job and got a lot more clients. I used to work 16 hours a day. 9AM to 7 Pm in my day job and then 8PM to 2 AM in my freelancing work.

Finally after 4 years when my salary was approx 25K and the income I was generating from my freelancing job was approx 75K. I decided to leave my day job. I left my day job at the age of 24 and started my own web development agency named PHPYOUTH Software Solutions with my school and college friend Ravinder Kumar. We started with 2 persons in June 2015 and now in 6 months we are a team of 6 persons.

I can share more details if I my story has that potential to be published on your website. This will be a very big platform for me.