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These 5 Businesses Should Also Have a Mobile App

These 5 Businesses Should Also Have a Mobile App

Friday March 10, 2017,

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It’s common to witness banks, retailers, taxi service providers, social media giants, news agencies and publishers leveraging the popularity of mobile apps for brand awareness, customer acquisition and customer service. However, there are businesses who are completely unaware of the benefits of mobile apps. Here is a list of top 5 businesses that can gain exponentially from the mobile app development discipline.


1. Home Organization Service Providers


If you offer dusting, cleansing, pest control, home shifting and home organizing services to households, it’s time to make them available on mobile apps. This will help your customers save time and avoid hassles in locating you or getting the job done. Try to get a custom app built targeting the device platforms that will help you have a better penetration in the market. Make sure your app development company keeps the UI and UX components utterly simple yet engaging. App users should be able to find your products, services, prices, expertise, availability and other information in a quick and easy manner.

2. Documentation Processing Agent


You can bring a mobile app to eliminate the hassles of citizens in terms of applying for and procuring passports, voter ID, driving license, rent agreement, etc. This will also help citizens to circumvent the bureaucratic red tape. With people having little time in life to dispose of, they will appreciate the solution to their heart’s content and your app will hardly need any promotion. If you already own such a business, the mobile-driven document processing will help you gain a competitive edge in the market.

The app must be equipped with all essential tools and features to facilitate communication and collaboration amidst different stakeholders including users, concerned authorities, regulators, etc. The app should automate the document processing and keep everyone in the loop informed about any related updates or changes. Integration of esignature and payment services should be done effectively.

3. Refreshment Services


If you own a food court or stall that serves refreshment items including read-to-eat foods, beverages, etc., from different brands locally, the time is ripe to extend its reach by leveraging mobile app development.

Want to go with a venture, but constraint with capital? No worries. There are much more avenues. Like Foodpanda or Zomato, build an app that serves as a platform. Let the app bridge consumers with their preferred brands, and set up your own business empire. Interestingly, this is a business with little risks and fewer compliance hurdles.

App distribution and marketing would not be a challenge with the presence of platforms like Google Play and App Store. However, User Experience will be critical to the app success as you can’t expect a hungry person to bear with your slow or app with a poor UX. Such unpleasant tastes will force them to quit your app and switch to that of a competitor’s.

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4. Education Service Provider


Whether you are an academician catering home tuition or coaching services or managing such a business, investing in the right mobile app development service, you can make a difference in how you do. Potential benefits: (a) More signup for your classes or courses; (b) Better engagement with students and faculty members; (c) reduced absenteeism and (b) better results.

However, keep pace with technology updates and changes, since your students are digital natives with a strong affinity for new gadgets and technologies. Building an app is not enough, keep a watch that it stays updated not in terms of content that you offer but also with new accessibility and value added services.

5. Health and Fitness Service Provider


People were never as much health conscious as they are today. So you can take benefit of this craze. If you already own a gym or spa, offering health and fitness app to your subscribers, this is the time to elevate the standard of what you are. This will help not just your customers to stay fit tracking their progress but also you to get more customers by letting the existing customers achieve their fitness goals.

Venture with your own health and fitness tracker, who knows you could be the next Fitbit or Runkeeper. Conceptualize your business model. Partner with a right mobile app developer or company that knows well to harness the capabilities of health SDKs like Google Fit, HealthKit, CareKit, etc., that can help you target major mobile platforms like Android and iOS. 

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