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Indian Catering Service, serving Indian Snacks to perfection.

Wednesday December 21, 2016,

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India is fondly called a curry nation but it’s not just curries that define what’s good about Indian culinary art. Indian snacks or rather Indian street food are also popular worldwide. The spicy and tangy flavors from best offerings in Indian snacks are finding a place for themselves in restaurants across the globe. However, these dishes have evolved over the years to make them globally appealing and healthy as well. Many Indian Catering services are serving these on an international platform.

Modish Catering, the Indian Catering Service based in Toronto offers a wide range of authentic Indian snacks in its “House of Chaat” section. A mouth watering blend of taste and aroma, Indian snacks appreciated for their adaptability to local tastes and appetites while still retaining their original structure.

As we talked about variations, we see different trends being followed to make these snacks tastier and healthier in many aspects. Indian Catering services, like Modish Catering, can make this genre of Indian food apt for calorie watchers as well. For an instance, white bread crumbs used in preparation of a tikki are promptly replaced by brown bread crumbs to give a grainy texture while retaining authentic taste and aroma. Similarly, pav used in pav bhaji can be substituted with a whole wheat version. Use of olive oil while shallow frying can also infuse a different flavor in dishes while bringing in an element of Mediterranean diet. The favorite of all remains gol gappa, or puchka as fondly called in Bengal, which is the reigning king of Indian street food.

On the whole, however, Indian snacks are quite a healthy substitute for calorie laden fast foods. Veggies added in Bhaji (pav bhaji) and side dressing of tikki makes them a good way to add more vegetables in diet.

On the whole, Indian snacks can be relished any time one wants without fretting on the health quotient. If you are in Toronto and craving for some delicious and piping hot aloo tikki, Modish Catering is the way to go that offers the best Indian snacks in Toronto.