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When in Orlando don’t miss Disneyland and don’t forget to book a vacation rental nearby

it makes us believe in the fact that we have forever lived a life that’s full of colors, fun, and love; and also because isn’t it beautiful to live, re-live and re-live your childhood

Wednesday June 14, 2017,

4 min Read

So, it was the beginning of June and we were all set for our next travel expedition (my husband and I travel every year and that’s what have been doing for the last 10 years or so). This year on the list we had about 10 top destinations and because our kids had been watching television so seriously in the last few month they weren’t ready to settle for anything except the very famous Disneyland in Orlando. Although we had options that were better ignoring Disney is a crime and I do not want to be held in charge for it – so Disney, and yes I have to mention when my kids said they want to go to the Disney I said yes before their father could because it is Disney.

The next few days husband was still making plans while I had already started dreaming of the many Disney characters I had spent watching and also most part of my adolescence. So when the man of the house (husband) asks me why instead of convincing the kids for better options I am busy dreaming of Disney I say, “I will never be too old for Disney.”

And here we are – Check in *At the Disneyland, Orlando with kids and the not so happy husband* But, who cares – it is Disneyland after all.

Further, in the post, I will mention why Disney is ‘our’ favorite destination and also what my husband’s smartest decision ever was (except marrying me)

So in one sentence the very famous Disney land is our (children and my) favorite destination because ‘it makes us believe in the fact that we have forever lived a life that’s full of colors, fun, and love; and also because isn’t it beautiful to live, re-live and re-live your childhood?’

While everything in there and around was extremely beautiful I have to admit it could have been extremely hectic if the not so happy man about Disneyland had not booked for us in ‘Orlando vacation rentals near Disney’ and this is the smartest thing he has done in all these ten years.

Further clarifying, this is how booking in Orlando vacation rentals was the best possible thing to do –

1. Proximity to Disney – Always a Great Idea. Most of the vacation rentals in Orlando are in close proximity to Disney because it is one of the most famous, renowned and visited tourist locations in the city. Also, there is no season in Orlando when the Disney land is closed to public view, and because most people from outside the city and the country visit the location it is most common that they will look for a place to stay near the major destination – the Disney.

2. A Place to Crash – Anytime. Whether the Disney is the first destination for the day or the last, a place close to it is always a great place to crash after you’ve had enough for the day. Also, if you’re traveling with kids (like me) you definitely need something that’s extremely nearby.

3. Exotic Destination, Exotic Stay Home. Orlando for all reasons is a great destination whether you’re visiting alone, with your partner or with family, and at all times you certainly need an exotic stay home – preferably the one with all the facilities you would ever need.

4. A budget Friendly Stay – Always the Best. Since there are a number of options when it comes to finding the best possible vacation rental in Orlando near the Disney you will always have a choice for the one that has all the amenities you need and also matches your budget requirements.

Now, here’s a tip – do not forget to compare between the options. This is primarily important because you do not want to spend a lot of money on the one that finds the first, so comparing is an always a great option.

And, because all’s well that ends well I have to admit it was a great vacation. My kids loved it because they were lived their childhood, I loved it because I re-lived my childhood and the not so happy husband loved it too because it was a family moment.