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How to make your startup office more inviting

With a more inviting office, you are more likely to cultivate creativity and form new deals and partnerships. 

How to make your startup office more inviting

Friday April 28, 2017,

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When you launch a startup, it’s important that your office space is as inviting as possible. You want to be sure that your team will love working there, and that new candidates will get excited at the opportunity to join you. You also want to make a good impression on any potential clients or investors who come to meet with you. Here’s how to get started.


Find a key location

Your location matters as much as anything else when ensuring that your startup is more inviting. You want it to be a space which is easy to reach, by public transport or by car, so try to pick a location near to a train station and major roads. If your employees or visitors struggle to get to your office, they won’t feel as good about being there. This is really important. You also want to ensure that there is not too much noise coming into the office – don’t choose one near a building site, for example. You can search for an office site easily to find one that fits these criteria.

Use an open-plan design

Having an open-plan office makes it feel like everyone is on the same level. This is really important, as a closed-off office with separate rooms and partitions can make everyone feel cut off from one another. With an open-plan design, everyone can communicate easily and see what is going on at the other side of the room. They will feel more relaxed and at home, and can contribute to solutions and projects easier. It also makes you more approachable as a boss – as if you are not set up on your own private world far above everyone else. That’s very important for the startup to work, especially if you are employing millennials.

Choose bright, modern décor

When you walk into your office, you should feel happy, relaxed, and at ease. This can be achieved through your décor as much as anything else. Make sure that you use bright and modern décor so that your office feels more inviting. Don’t go for sterile white colours throughout the whole office, and don’t go for dark colours either which can make it feel gloomy and closed in. A vibrant design can help to create the right atmosphere.

Create a break area

A break area in the office should at the least be equipped with comfortable chairs, snacks, and coffee or tea making facilities. It’s important that everyone feels comfortable to take a break from time to time. This will help them feel more at home and allow them not to get too stressed even when things are going wrong. Some big tech companies like to have things like pool tables and games consoles available at break times, but it’s up to you how far you want to go. Just make sure that breaks are a good time for relaxation and stress-free chatter, not a place to feel guilty about leaving the desk.

Add fresh life

There is little that will make a space feel more inviting than the addition of fresh, green plants. Choose some evergreen varieties that are hardy, and will survive well in the office environment. Make sure that someone is in charge of watering them so that they do not wither and ruin the effect. Green plants bring life into a space and make it feel more invigorating.

With a more inviting office, you are more likely to cultivate creativity and form new deals and partnerships. Give your startup the best chance of success by setting your office up accordingly!