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My traveling experience to New York

Friday June 09, 2017,

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My Traveling Experience to New York

How not to get lost in the city?

It is very hard to get lost within Big Apple because there are always people on the streets of New York at any time of day and night. It makes it to where you may always ask for help and get it. There is an underground station at every step; you may get on the train even of not the line you need and reach out the place you were looking for. Or read the map to get your location. In addition, basically all of the streets and avenues are named in numerical order. Simple arithmetic knowledge is going to be enough to get how to find 34th street and 7 avenue being on 23rd street and 6th avenue.

Traffic in New York

The main and the most convenient way to reach out places is getting on a metro. It is the most popular one as well. Although, apart from it, there are buses, ropeway, passage boats, taxi and even helicopters. Metro in New York is the longest all over the world. If to speak of numbers, those are 468 stations and 26 lines! Such numbers might get a traveler visiting for the first time scared. There is no need to worry though. It is the USA, comfort solutions country, the main thing is to read signs, guides and notices. Here are a few pieces of advice how to make it understandable and more comfortable:

• Install a metro map to your smartphone and then you will have nothing to worry about at all. Apart from the map itself, application scope allows to construct routes and options of your traveling so you could reach out the place you need faster and with more comfort.

• If you do not have a smartphone, get a free printed map at any metro station.

• Always pay attention to a signboard at entrance. Platform is based in different edges of the tunnel in New York. Accordingly, with this fact, one should choose the required platform in advance.

• Read announcements always! Metropolitan in New York is on repair all the year around. It is always announced on the site of Metropolitan. Let alone on white sheets of paper placed on info stocks of each station. Who knows, maybe tomorrow the station you need is going to be closed. You better know about it. By the way, if a station is under repair, there is a bus, which takes passengers to the next metro station for free.

If you are going to be in the city for several weeks and purpose of your visit is to get acquainted with the city and its places of interest, you will unlikely take a bus. If there is no other way, here are a few tips:

• Oftentimes, a bus stop is just a post with a bus table sign.

• The bus table is always on the front burner so you will always know when your bus is going to come.

There are three taxi services available in New York: yellow cab, car service and Uber. The services are different at price policy and other conditions but their aim is the same to drive people where they need to be driven. Yellow Cab are known all over the world, which can be taken right on the street. One cannot call for such a cab. If you make a call to get a taxi, you will get a car service. Uber is a popular in America and Europe application. Private drivers work for Uber, the cost is cheaper, there are feedbacks available about drivers so people could choose a driver afterwards let alone share the price for a ride and find fellow travelers.

Where are the best places to have a meal?

New York is the world`s capital of street food. Of course, there are many good restaurants in the city where chiefs please an eye and a stomach of visitors with dainty dishes. If you want to get what New York is about, go for street food. It is for sale all over the city in so called food trucks or in very little places with 2-3 tables or in the to go format. There is a New York bagel, for example, at Russ&Daughters and Lower East Side, pastrami sandwiches at Katz's Delicatessen, filling and useful salad at Chop’t Creative Salad Company, Chicken Over Rice in any food truck of the city.

Hell’s Kitchen area is for gourmands. There is a huge number of restaurants of different directions. Those who are eager to get to know other countries cuisines, look for areas on a map of New York where national minorities were living historically (China Town, Little Italy, Ukrainian Village, Little Mexico, Korean Town and others), and get going with their gastronomic traditions!

Speaking of food, it is worth to be mentioned that portions in New York are very big so it is safe to take one for two.

You are going to be offered some water for free in any restaurant. A side is always going to be suggested to the main meat course, which already goes with the order: salad, soup, fries, rice, etc.

What to do in New York?

It is very difficult to speak about what to pay attention to once being in New York. It is a big city, which is able to offer any kinds of entertainment, cultural events and places of interest. To cut it short, everyone will find something to one`s liking to do here.

Apart from known Times Square, Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn Bridge the following places are to be seen:

• Roosevelt Island funicular to enjoy the views around.

• Walk down the narrow streets of West и East Village, drop by little coffee shops and cafes, bakeries, vintage shops and bars.

• If you are into animals, go to see Bronx Zoo. It is huge and very interesting.

• Spend a day on Far Rockaway enjoying a nice view to the ocean.

• Take part in any public event – holiday, flesh mob, festival. See the way New York people rest!

• Have a field day with friends in Central park!

Overall, everyone has New York of one`s own. Many places were simply found due to turning the wrong street, getting off the wrong metro station. Therefore, get lost in the city, do not be afraid to turn from a busy street and see what is going on in the yards, leave a map at home and just walk down the streets. Then it is to open its secrets for you and its charm you will never forget.

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