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From Software to Fitness

Without passion,life is a drag

From Software to Fitness

Saturday June 25, 2016,

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Like majority of Indians,I pursued software engineering and completed it in 2008 .Since I was good in academics,I got placement in 3 companies,despite a major recession in 2008.

I joined LNT Infotech in Pune and worked as a software engineer for approx 2 years, but my interest lied somewhere else.

It was FITNESS ,which intrigued me from inside,so finally,in 2012,I quit my Software job and opened a Fitness Center ,named as DARE2FIT, at my home-town(Agra)which focused primarily On MMA,Crossfit and Meditation.

Since my Center was based on a new concept of fitness,it ran quite successfully for a year,but unfortunately had to shut down ,due to land issues.

Now,this was a tough time for me,since all my little savings,I had invested in opening the center already and I didn't want to borrow money from anyone.

Finally in 2013,I designed my website www.dare2fit.in and started a Facebook page too by similar name.The idea,behind this,was ONLINE FITNESS CONSULTATION which was based on evidence based approach(Till date,India still lacks in evidence based approach,when it comes to fitness)

Today its 2016 and Dare2Fit is a big success with 1000 clients till date and it's facebook page has more than 6000 followers.

People have received Amazing Transformations with a very Simple Diet and Smart Workouts.

Now,today,when I look back at past,I still remember words of people around me,who all said,that you are doing a big BLUNDER by leaving a high-paying tech career and choosing a very WRONG PATH.

Remembering those words,a smile comes on my face and my mind says -"WO ZINDAGI HI KYA,JISME EK NAMUMKIN KHWAAB NA HO"