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My Novel, My Passion, My Quest for world peace. Jihad In My Saffron Garden. By Roxy Arora.

Thursday November 24, 2016,

3 min Read

My name is Dr(Mrs) Roxy Arora. I am a self employed dentist and belong to the state of Jammu and Kashmir. I am of Dogra ethnicity and now live with my husband and son in New Delhi, ncr.I have spent the first nine years of my life in The U.K and received my primary education there.During my stay in England I would often encounter racial slurs and somehow the hurt ran quite deep.I always felt an outsider. When we would visit India , my favorite destination would be Kashmir. I lived in Kuwait with my parents from 1987 to 1990 and had to flee during the Gulf War. Somehow racial discrimination and exodus became a part of my life. 

                                  When in 1990 we arrived back in our native city of Jammu , it was the same time the Kashmiri Hindus had fled Kashmir and sought refuge in Jammu. Their despair and sorrow of having left their home and possessions was a feeling I could relate to, so completely .I can correctly state that the seeds of my novel, Jihad In My Saffron Garden were sown then.

I graduated from Manipal University and settled down in New Delhi , n.c.r in 1999 after marrying my college sweetheart. After shuttling through several continents and customs as a child , the only place I wanted to be was my motherland, India. 

I had always wanted to pursue journalism or mass communications as a career but hailing from a Medical background I was not supported. I always knew deep in my heart that writing was my forte and that one day I will write.Last year I determined to convert that dream into a reality.I felt so saddened by the situation in Kashmir. The beauty so evident , but now so vandalized. The feeling of Kashmiriyat which had once prevailed had been replaced by names of various insurgent and religious outfit groups.I had to write about my enchanting state. I started writing Jihad In My Saffron Garden last year. I even visited Kashmir and spent time with some Muslim friends in their houses.

If Hindus and Muslims could once upon a time coexist in harmony and bliss in kashmir , why this disgraceful need for bloodshed and genocide now? Why do we not understand the vested interest of superpowers, neighboring counties and unscrupulous leaders who thrive on our conflict and tragedy?

Jihad In My Saffron Garden, has been traditionally published and was launched by noted Bollywood personality , Anurag Kashyap. My book is a romantic thriller which conveys the message of world peace , religious tolerance and promotes AFSPA.(Armed Forces Special Protection Act)The book has received excellent reviews by The Hindu, Pioneer, Millenium and Outlook Magazine is running a feature on it in its next edition.The book portrays the true grit and nerve of its iron lady protagonist Roshina Kapoor. Roshina loves Kashmir, with her heart and will do any thing in her means to restore peace to the awesome vale.The book will touch the heart of the most hardened soul. Read Jihad In My Saffron Garden and see the spirit of patriotism and nationalism surges forth. Kashmir belongs to India and always will.

I have lived my dream. My book will restore Kashmiriyat and rid our nation and the globe of radical ideologies.

Jihad In My Saffron Garden, By Roxy Arora.

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