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How a start-up is helping other start-ups

I acquired my knowledge and required degrees from reputed institutes. Being an engineer and then an MBA, I always thought of starting-up. I dreamt of a start-up where I could help other start-ups grow and make their journey an enriching experience for them as well as for their target audiences.  Exactly that is what I am doing since I completed my stint at an advertising agency in November 2015. 

Sunday June 26, 2016,

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I was watching 'Share the Load Ad of Ariel' on television which inspired me to cover its story. The uniqueness of the campaign and the way it was being presented, enchanted me and thus, the birth of my venture www.brandedgupshup.com. As I sat down to write my story on Ariel, I realized that if big brands like these have stories, small brands and aspiring ventures too must have stories which need to be told to the world out there. And then there was no looking back. From one story to another, I gathered myself to capture as many business stories as I could. 

I am a passionate writer and take care of the entire content on the website. My stories not only provide a platform to the respective ventures but are an inspiration to other ventures too. I talk about their successes, their failures, their motivations and other details with much finesse.

The expansion happened when me and my best friend Shipra were looking to cover a story on an upcoming restaurant in Lajpat Nagar and they offered us to do graphics designing for them in addition. From designing the wall graphics for their upcoming restaurant to their Zomato menu , their pamphlets and the hoarding, we did it all. We felt like it was our restaurant which is going to open up and we felt like a part of it. It was a stepping stone for brandedgupshup.com,

Graphics Designing got added in my portfolio after this and using my Engineering skills and my old dream of becoming a website developer, I started developing and designing websites too. I got my first website contract from an aspiring choreographer. I felt like I was a part of every start-up I was working for. There is a rush of start-ups in our country and everybody dreams of establishing their own ventures but only few help other start-ups follow that dream and fulfill it and this is what I always wanted to do.

Then came a phase of further expansion. My MBA friend Parina gave up her job at a bank and joined me. We decided to expand and add up other marketing services to our profile. It was yet another milestone for brandedgupshup.com when we added other marketing services like social media marketing and marketing research to our portfolio.

Brandedgupshup.com has been making journeys easy and smooth for businesses and upcoming ventures by providing them the much needed digital presence. By designing innovative graphics for ventures and posting them on Facebook, Instagram and other social media pages, we try to give them the social buzz. We create websites to give them an online identity and do marketing research for ventures so that they know the entire market scenario before stepping into it.

I want a life of multiple start-ups and not just one. I want to live their journeys with them and be with them at each moment of their entrepreneurial life cycle.