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What are the four steps process digital marketing companies are using to convert web visitors into customers

Friday February 10, 2017,

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The best digital media agencies have cracked the code of digital marketing. There’s got to be a certain methodology to digital media marketing, which can convert visitors to customers.

The top digital marketing companies have established a four-rule process to do so.

Step1: Attract

Build authority within your industry through SEO, social media, blogging, PR, informational articles and video content that creates a constant buzz for your business.

On-page SEO

Content on your website must be formatted so search engines can easily understand your site.

Social Media Marketing

Regular engagement driven campaigns on social media can attract a huge audience to your social media pages.

Step 2: Engage

Position your brand as the most essential in your industry. The best digital firms are using modern web design tools to engage with customers through user experience and interaction.

Run creative and engaging contests

The brand must talk to the customers through contests, which will enable participation and interaction.

Build a strong user-interface and experience

Use strong technology to enable greater interaction with your audience, which will retain them and bring them back for further information.

Step 3: Convert

Digital marketing turns conversions into a science through marketing automation. Sales becomes trackable and easily targeted so that leads always produce better ROI.


Get more inquiries on your website and with a proper sales team convert these leads into business.

Marketing automation

After sometime your inbound marketing channel will get automated and you will see a regular flow of online inquires.

Step 4: Inspire

Your customers become brand ambassadors through digital marketing. Through customer retention, loyalty programs, reviews and referral programs, your customers love your product and share it with everyone they meet.

Organic growth

Once you have established a loyal customer base you will see rise in organic growth because of social shares.

Social PR

You will observe that there will be more business opportunity through word of mouth channel on the digital space.

These are the four steps that top creative agencies across India are following for success. Digital Media firms in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi have employed these steps in their digital marketing plans for greater reach and engagement. The digital marketing job market has opened up beyond expectations. There are thousands of job applicants who want to work for the list of big digital marketing companies across the world. While people are seeking lucrative careers, it is only the top talent that will get placed in the top 10 digital marketing companies.

The top digital marketing agency in Bangalore is a title every digital marketing firm is aiming for because of the market expectations and requirements. You can be the best digital marketing company in Bangalore if you address this four-step process.

This four-step process has worked miracles for companies who are looking to grow their business digitally. It’s a must follow plan for those digital managers who are looking to add value to the brands they manage.


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