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6 Excellent Strategies to Fight Off Unemployment

Do you fear being unemployed? Are you currently looking for ways to stay employed? How about reading this blog for some of the best ideas and strategies. Read now.

6 Excellent Strategies to Fight Off Unemployment

Wednesday December 25, 2019,

6 min Read

6 Excellent Strategies to Fight Off Unemployment

I can’t even imagine myself waking up to realise that I don’t have an office to reach on time, neither do I have a business to run. That would be the scariest thing to happen in life ever. What about you? I am pretty sure being unemployed is the worst nightmare of many. Unemployment occurs due to two critical factors. It is either due to a downward graph displaying the literacy rate of a country or in cases where people have the desire to work and earn, but the government fails to provide enough platforms.

With 30% combined unemployment and underemployment in many industrialised countries, it’s time for you to buckle up. If you genuinely fear losing a job or failing to bag one, move out of the inhibition and take note of these six fruitful ideas that will help you pay your bills without hassle.

#1. Setup Your Home-based Business

This is one of the best ways to avoid unemployment. If you are successful in establishing a home business, then the fear of being unemployed gradually fade away.

Take note of the following home-based business ideas for future reference.

  • Home day care provider: If you enjoy working from home and passionate about kids with amazing skills in keeping the little ones happy and engaged, then this is one business that would fit right for you.
  • Web Designers: Yes, you can design websites right at the comfort of your home. You need to register or sign up with a freelance account and acquire an initial set of clients to get things going. If you have a fair for web designing, go for it.
  • Party planner: Now this is one fun idea. If you know how to manage events and love doing the same, then how about becoming a party planner? If you have the right contacts, use them, get started with a small venture and eventually move on to the bigger ones.
  • Social media specialist: Everybody is on social media. If you enjoy blogging, twitting, creating and sharing memes, then make a career out of it. A social media expert develops engaging contents and suggests creative ideas to the business houses to make their presence felt online. With the employment opportunity for social media experts expected to grow 9% between 2016 and 2020, this sector will help you avoid unemployment in the days to come.

#2. Bag the Job of a Freelance Assignment Writer

Yes, you’ve read that right. Prof. Francis Matthews, senior essay writer associated with a leading assignment help firm, is of the opinion, “We have been creating ample job opportunities for enthusiastic essay assignment writers for the past many years. Freelancing has benefitted us, and we would like to leverage its potential in the near future as well.”

This a clear indication of the fact that there are job opportunities for ambitious assignment writers to continue freelancing, irrespective of the fact whether you have an office to attend or working from home. At least, you won’t spend days in anxiety related to your work. Remote work is said to be the future with 63% of freelancers in United States already choosing a work-from-home career over traditional jobs.

#3. Identify Your Niche and Bag a Job that Suits You

If a student of arts ends up being a sales executive, chances are he/she will eventually lose interest or underperform. You got to identify your niche, an activity that intrigues you, a subject you would like to pursue, or a hobby you wish to pursue as a profession. If you are wondering how then take note of the following suggestions.

  • Try out things that are easy or the ones that come naturally to you. For example, writing, singing, painting, sketching, designing and the likes.
  • Try out things that are hard, identifying what scares you the most and deciding if you would like to do it for the rest of your life.
  • Keep track of the little successes you have been a part of. Figure out what made you successful. It can be anything ranging from leadership skills, management proficiency, expertise in teaching and more.

#4. Prepare for Specific Jobs within the Industry

Once you have known what intrigues you the most, it’s time to prepare for jobs within the preferred industry. This, as a result, will help you delve deeper into the context of identifying specific job roles so that you could hone those skills better.

Consider referring to the Department of Labor. The portal provides an Occupational Outlook Handbook that suggests how to prepare for specific job roles within the suitable industry. Apart from that, the portal allows users to browse categorically based on “Highest Paying”, “Fastest Growing” and “Most New” jobs.

#5. Take on More of Resume-worthy Tasks

A resume-worthy task is basically anything you might do at the office; something you could boast about and include in the bullet points in your resume. Now that you are wondering how to identify such tasks at the workplace, take note of the following suggestions.

  • Ask yourself about the things you do that adds up to the productivity and revenue of the organisation.
  • Prepare a list of those activities and keep adding them to your CV at regular intervals.
  • Look for scopes and organisations that would allow you to do more of those resume-worthy tasks.

As a result, it will not only boost your confidence, but the maximized productivity will make an impression of excellence on your Boss. And he/she would certainly not like to sack their favourite employee.

#6. Refrain from being a Negative Influence at Work

Reiterating the negative traits of other people at work is of not benefit. Rather, it would only make you more pessimistic. You must consider focusing on things that are positive. Instead of complaining how pathetic or terrible the guy sitting next to you is, focus on the brighter side of the story and appreciate your HR for being cooperative, or the accounts guy who never fails to generate payslips on time.

This will not only help you to keep your sanctity intact, but it will also make an impression that you are here to work, learn and grow, without paying heed to any kind of criticism or anything that comes in between an employee and his productivity.

To wrap it up,

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate rose 0.2% point 4.0 per cent. Thus, there’s good news for those who fear losing job. There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. You just need to keep hopes high and venture out with confidence burning as bright as the sun.

Good luck!