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6 Reasons you need to shift your Small business phone system on cloud

How cloud telephony empowers SMEs and Start-ups

6 Reasons you need to shift your Small business phone system on cloud

Sunday November 04, 2018,

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70 % of customers still prefer calling a business for sales and support, and 65% of them feel satisfied whenever they are talking to an agent rather than a machine. Looking at these data, it is very clear that every business, whether it is an enterprise or startup needs a dedicated phone line for better customer communication.

Small business phone system on cloud ensures your business appears professional when customers are reaching out to you. In the cost of a traditional landline, it has way more to offer for better customer experience. Small office phone systems are built with state of art technology and robust infrastructure to make sure customers get superior services from business

Considering the fact that the traditional phone system comes with many hassles and complications, it is better to choose business phone systems which are on the cloud. It is also known as a cloud phone system for small business. Below are some perks of switching to cloud telephony rather than outdated telephone services.

The cloud advantage

More and more brands are switching to cloud communication because of its tremendous features. Most importantly cloud telephony reduces communication cost by 40%. The cloud has changed the business interaction scene completely. There was a time when big enterprises had the unmistakable favorable position over littler organizations when it came to communication innovation. Prior to the cloud, the best telephone frameworks were on-premises telephone systems that just huge organizations could integrate.

That changed with the rise of business cloud telephony. Presently, small and medium-scale organizations can utilize top-review business communications without spending as much as possible.

Be that as it may, the advantages of utilizing a cloud-based telephone system don't stop at simply the cost funds. The constant advancement of cloud communication has not just made it attainable for small businesses to utilize the best communication technology; it's really made it workable for them to go up against their greatest partners.

Enterprise level features on minimum cost

Cloud communication does not require an establishment of any costly equipment. Subsequently, the integration of the system turns out to be exceptionally basic and quick. Unlike a traditional phone system, it does not require any expensive infrastructure. Furthermore, there are no maintenance cost or repair cost. The whole system is managed by cloud telephony provider. In the same enterprise cost, cloud telephony comes with features like Smart dashboard, agent level login, automated outbound calls, call recording and multi-level IVR.

Mobility communication

Employees don't need to be in the office to attend customer calls. With the help of intelligent routing, calls can be transferred to an agent's mobile number. This turns out to be the most advanced feature in terms of not missing calls after hours. Each and every call will be the route to suitable agents, and in case agent is not available to receive calls then it will be stored in the database along with a voicemail to the customer.

The entire customer support team can be managed remotely by cloud telephony system, that too without spending a buck. More importantly, you can have one centralized number and use it for all the departments/branches.  

CRM integration

In this Data-driven era, having CRM integrated with your business phone service can give your business an upper hand in term of competition. Having customer data handy makes your agents more powerful when communicating with customers.

After integrating the CRM system to business phone, there are no chances of missing any leads. Even CRM can separate cold, warm and hot leads for agents after the conversation.

Agents can see the history of callers, which enables them in providing better customer satisfaction. It helps businesses big time in customer disputes and complaint management. CRM system can keep the data of call recordings. These data can be important while monitoring call quality and agent performance during the calls.

Scale as you go

Another favorable position given by cloud-based communication is its capacity to adjust to the expansion of the organization.

In the event that your organization is developing, including new clients with new telephone numbers and virtual extensions would just require a couple of clicks. The drag and drop feature can easily change the call flow and assigned agents in a couple of minutes. Organizations that still utilize the traditional system would require new cabling to add new clients to the system.

What's more, if the organization is facing a few battles and would need to scale back, expelling clients, telephone numbers, and virtual extensions are similarly as simple.

Big brand image

Small business or SMEs are always searching for strategies to display a big brand image. small office phone systems provide all those features to look professional and big enterprise. Starting with greetings on call, whenever a customer is calling your business, you can make sure they hear a company anthem or greetings. It can be in term of promotion or transaction.

It also has the option to put music on hold while transferring the calls to agents. This way you can offer your customers a rich experience of calling.

The best thing about cloud telephony is it works on virtual number. These numbers are easy to remember for customers which help in building brand equity. It also comes with an option of a Toll-free number which helps in smooth business operation across all branches.

Increased productivity

The overall impact of cloud telephony is improved productivity in business. Agents have more data to work with and business owners have better insights into what is happening. With enriched automated phone system for small business, day to day work becomes easy for agents. No matter if it's making outbound calls or receives inbound customer inquiries, everything is possible within a few clicks.

Unlike old telecom lines, cloud communication comes with minimum downtime in any weather condition which makes it more reliable. These enable small business owners to compete with big enterprises without digging dip in pockets.
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