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6 Tools to Keep Your Rails Code Clean

Keeping your code organized and optimized is one of the most challenging tasks for all developers. Irrespective of whichever platform you are working on, precise and clean coding will help you better understand the intent behind the code by making source files sophisticated and understandable for everyone who reads it. 

Here are the tools that make your job easy of keeping your Rails Code Clean.


WebClues Global

In your code, there would be a specific group of snippets that happen to be present and does not enhance any feature or add any value to your project. These lines of codes use your resource and might

make your application slower, so they have to be removed for better functioning of your product. 

Deadweight removes such unnecessary CSS selectors from your files. Once you give the tool your HTML files along with style sheets, it will tell you which snippets are safe to remove and won’t affect the working of entire rail code after removal. 

As a developer, you might want to check the processing speed of the code. If you wish, you can then decide to optimize the system if the speed is not up to the mark. Database connectivity, image loading speed, DOM loading, etc. are the areas you should focus on. Rack-Mini-Profiler checks these aspects and lets you know how fast the requests are processed by popping a window at the top of your screen to give you live processing analysis.

Security is the most challenging and vital area for any software and a digital tool to ensure that the information submitted and processed are safe and there is zero exposure for hackers to attack the code. Brakeman is an essential tool that gives any security glitches of your Rails code and help you overcome them. 

Code should be compatible with Ruby community guidelines because the code violation would make you suffer consequences. Rubocop checks your code and gives you comments while writing the code if the code does not follow community guidelines. If you wish, you can also configure Rubocop to get enhanced and productive comments for your source code. 

As already discussed, optimizing your code is one of the most critical traits for better functioning of your product. Bullet optimizes the performance of your code by giving you alerts when you add additional eager loading into your code. It also lets you know when you should use counter cache and improves the number of queries your application makes to perform a particular task.

This tool analyzes your code to decide smelly code, duplicate code and get ABC metrics through its components Reek, Flay and Flog respectively. You start refactoring your code by browsing the source file from the HTML document created by this tool.


The Rails code can be efficiently optimized and cleaned using the tools discussed above. If you use any other specific tools, share the Github link in the comments. If you wish to clean your code from a professional developer, get in touch with us.