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Avalance changes the trend in Marketing “PULZ” – Proximity Marketing.

Avalance has come up with a new trend in marketing which will increase the offline commerce sale. 

Avalance changes the trend in Marketing “PULZ” – Proximity Marketing.

Saturday November 19, 2016,

4 min Read


Pulz has bought a completely new technology in marketing which is proximity marketing. Likes of users have changed, smart phones has bought a complete new evolution to the world where the basic needs of the people are fulfilled online. Users are connected with the data in the virtual world. From last 5 years the it has been observed that the basic necessity products are available on virtual malls commonly known as online shopping. This leads in decreasing the offline commerce sale.

In a world where people don’t even have to leave their house to do shopping or are able to do shopping on their convenient time the question arises is how to attract the people to offline commerce? Pulz has the answer to it. How will a user feels when he is passing by a store gets a contextual message that there is a 15% discount on a pair shoes just for you? Wouldn’t this attract the user? Wouldn’t this bring the user to the store to check what the store has to offer? The answer is Yes!. Pulz does this for the business. With Pulz one can target the nearby pedestrians. How will this benefit your business is the common questions every business owner will have.


Manan Shah, CEO and co-founder of Avalance Global solutions who has thought the concept of Proximity marketing and has named it as PULZ - has the answer for all the questions. He talks about the way Pulz would work and explains the complete concept in detail. Manan Shah says “Pulz is precise, Potential and Powerful” He further explains how Pulz will benefit the Business and the customers.

Pulz uses a technology called iBeacon which is a tiny devices when installed in the business premises understands the proximity of users. Pulz gives the power to create the engaging experience of everything that is near by sending out contextual information right on their smart phones. Pulz transforms these tiny beacons into a virtual assistant so that it than communicates with the users smart phones based on their context. Pulz uses 3 platforms: Bluetooth to communicate with the smart devices nearby. GPS to measure the precise distance of Pulz user from the beacon if self and Internet to communicate with the Pulz cloud server. Manan adds that “Mobile phone users will not have to worry about the battery drainage as Pulz uses iBeacon which runs on Bluetooth low energy” So the battery usage of the phones is only a fraction of power.


Pulz would give a better customer experience as it would send personalized messages, personalized offers which attracts the customers, which eventually increase footfalls and conversion for the businesses. It will ease the customer experience as the customer will get the information about the available products, discount coupons, ratings and feedbacks given by other users. It is precise because it sends the right message at the right time. It is potential in sending the personalized offers and messages, it has potential to create a better experience as customers can request brochure, arrange meetings and much more which in return will lead to better conversions. Pulz has a power of getting faster reviews and social recommendations. Pulz has a power to generate leads as it has an option to drop a card so if the user in even around the business location can drop a card and has to not physically come to the reception to drop a card.


Manan Shah concludes that Pulz also does right analytics for business as marketing is not all what a business needs. A right analytics also plays a very important role in business. Pulz does the analysis of no of cards in queue, No of cards received, No of brochure requested, No of recommendations and users connected through social media, Individual analysis like no of footfalls daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. This all helps in tracking and optimizing the business campaign for many powerful insights.