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Brilltech Engineers Pvt. Ltd Manufactures Cable Solutions Because We Know How A Bad Wire Can Cause A Fire

The flagship of the company Brilltech Engineers Pvt. Ltd was started in 2007 in Noida. Today we are the largest growing cable wire solution provider in the global market area with a greater turnover. We offer a huge range of cable wires and manufacture the products to safeguard your future of industrial electrical application. 

Monday January 09, 2017,

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Cables and wires are the important aspect of every industry and Brilltech Engineers Pvt. Ltd is the largest and leading manufacturers of wires and cables in the nationwide as well as international market area. Inaugurated in 2007, we are the leading Silver Coated Copper Wire Manufacturers with a gross production of huge range of wires including Silver Plated Copper Electrical Wire, Silver Plated Copper Hook Up Wire, Silver Plated Copper Clad Steel Wire, PTFE Insulated Silver Plated Copper Wire, Fuse Wire, Silver Plated Fuse Wire, etc. A near miss today is an accident tomorrow and we understand it quite well so we are engaged in manufacturing high quality wires with a coat of silver on copper wires, electrical wires, hook up wires, steel wire, etc.

The wires are manufactured under eco-friendly norms and are safe, reliable, and fire resistant for industrial usage purposes. We received ISO 9001:2008 certification for serving the high quality wires to the worldwide industries. The wires we manufacture are ideal for carrying current at high voltage as we use high quality copper for the production of world class quality. Being the veteran manufacturers of highly demanded wires, we are the largest integrated wire unit in India and beyond the boundaries of our nation.

Brilltech Engineers Pvt. Ltd Offers A Huge Range Of The Eco-Friendly And Efficient Wires Which Includes:-

Silver Coated Copper Wire: The copper wires coated with the highest demanding metal, none other than silver are safe and dependable solution for the industrial applications. The added coating of silver increases the ability of ductility, electrical and thermal conductivity. Copper is the preferred electrical conductor in nearly all the categories and addition of coating of silver give it better solderability and corrosion resistance properties. We have established a reputation while providing kickass quality products made with continuously upgrading technology.

Silver Plated Copper Electrical Wire: Electrical wires are utilized for an extensive variety of purposes and the copper wires are considered as the best for conducting a great flow of electricity from one device to another. The added coating of silver gives it durability, strength, safety, solderability, ductility and corrosion resistance. The wires are great for bonding, bending and meshing with any other material. We have become synonymous with quality and enjoy overwhelming confidence of the customers with their greater satisfaction and trust for safety.

Silver Plated Fuse Wire: The material used for making fuse wires has low melting point, high conductivity, low resistivity, and low ohmic loss and are free from detraction. Electrical safety leads to the fire safety and if your fuse wires are good enough then your workplace is safe. It is better to keep your safety in your hands than to be a stranger from electric danger.

Teflon Wire: Teflon wires are recommended for miniature cable applications in industrial areas. It is especially suitable for internal wiring and soldering applications. The materials which are at the risk of melting with the high temperature, Teflon provides great strength to such materials withstanding the problem of insulation melting. The wires are the best for serving the great purpose at the water, alcohol, acids, aromatic, alkaline, solvents, and various other industries.

 PTFE Insulated Silver Plated Copper Wire: PTFE insulated wires are recommended for industries which deals with high temperature, acids, fire or flame applicability, etc. The products offered by us gives hi-tech performance and we are the excellent PTFE Insulated Silver Plated Copper Wire Manufacturers who use advanced technology and machineries. The PTFE insulated wires offer electrical safety with resistance to low conductor. It is fireproof, reliable, resistant to chemicals, durable and high in performance. We are the world leading supplier of high quality wires and cables.