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Comparing schools? Find the right one by following these steps

Thursday September 28, 2017,

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Finding the right school for your kids is of utmost importance. It’s a decision that’s probably not very far behind in importance as the decision of having kids in the first place. And making the right choice these days is becoming increasingly difficult owing to the number of schools, teaching methodologies & philosophies available to parents nowadays. But fret not, with the right research & careful evaluation this decision can become quite simple. Wondering how? Read on and you will find some easy steps to choose the right school for your kids.

Make a list of the schools.

Make a list of schools near and around your residence, try to avoid schools that are far-off as you don’t want your child to spend too much time travelling to and fro. You want your child to have fresh mind that’s ready to grasp new things. Next decide on the board & teaching methodology you want.Knock-off the schools that do not provide this education from your list. You should be left with a consideration set of 4 or 5 schools that are the right match for your child’s academic, social, and emotional needs.

The next step would be to visit the schools on your list.

Seeing is believing they say! So make some visits and see what exactly the different schools on your list have to offer for you and your child. Try and meet the principal, he or she is the head of the school and it is worth it check whether their attitude, principals & ideologies regarding teaching match your expectations. If it’s possible, try and meet the teaching staff as the education of your child lies in their hands. If possible, try and observe how they teach, interact, engage & gel with the kids. See if they’re asking questions or just going on lecturing the kids. If possible, try and approach a staff member and ask them if they would send their kids here, they’re most likely to say yes but their body language will tell you much more than their response. Look at the amenities, do they have a good library, playgrounds, etc. Based on your evaluation, are there any schools that can be knocked-off your consideration set?

Look for reviews, rating and recommendation for Schools near Magarpatta.

After visiting the schools, it’s worth it to go online and check out the ratings and reviews of the school left on your consideration set. There are many aggregator sites that provide feedback about schools. There will be many testimonials from parents who have sent their kids to some of these schools. You can ask any parents you know who send their children to the schools on your consideration set. These should act as the final verdict and help you put a nail on the school of your choice.

These were three steps to follow that should make finding the right schools near Magarpatta a little easier. We hope this article has been helpful and all the best!