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9 Reasons For Adopting An Issue Tracker Over Emails!

Tuesday December 13, 2016,

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Why should you use issue tracking software in the first place than to just manage bugs with email? With a number of bugs and errors happening at the same time, there is a brewing need to rely upon Issue Tracker when developers need to guarantee that their product is of high quality and has least issues. When it comes to the helpdesk, customer service hitches, and the need to keep a track of who’s working on which project & what’s been done so far? The issue tracking app can be used for customer service problems, helpdesk incidents, project management hurdles and much more on the development of ongoing issues.

Here are some of the advantages you get from using an issue tracking app:

1. Shared central location: Having introduced the issue tracking app in your business, you can record all your issues / bugs / defects at one place making them much easier to find. This is the foremost benefit. With issue tracker, you don’t have to worry about finding the latest emails chain, or your work won’t stand still if you accidentally delete a bug document from the file share.

2. Perfect knowledge base: Irrespective of how well informed the employees are on the products & services of their business, referring to significant documents is always required in order to answer a customer's query in the best satisfying way. Issue Tracker keeps all the information that the employee might need as a perfect knowledge base and especially helpful for new employees who might still be learning about the nuances of their business. The major benefit of issue tracking system is that it functions as a ‘system of records’.

3. Permissions: Bug trackers allow you to specify user permissions, while you can still view all the issues recorded in the project.

4. Effective workflow & notifications: Keeping everyone in the loop via emails can consume a lot of time, so issue tracker can automatically update and notify the appropriate users, ensuring that no one is left uninformed.

5. Issue trials: Issue tracker allows you to refer to previous updates of an issue or past reviews that were earlier resolved. Every single update is permanently logged which further allows you to quickly track on how a particular issue progressed to completion.

6. Ensures continuity: It is easier to deal with reallocation of issues in case a team member leaves, as you can still look through all the issues, reassign them and work accordingly.

7. Prioritizing work: Flooded with a number of questions and queries at one time can be a frustrating experience for the employees. With email, this can turn into a confusing process where issues can get lost or ignored. While issue tracker allows you to prioritize workflow and helps add transparency, it also allows you to foster collaboration. Multiple people can work and edit issues/bugs and in doing so they can keep their progress at an identical pace.

8. Track documents effortlessly: Digging through emails to find the resourceful information when you need it can become a time-consuming process. Here issue tracking app comes handy as it helps you track the documents easily and refer the notes for each version. All the documents related to an issue within the project are easily available for future reference.

9. Perfect tool to ensure customer satisfaction: The customer care / support team can log all the issues sent by customers and assign them to the concerned person / team for resolution. This process ensures that no issue is left unattended and the solution is provided within the required time period. When an email is sent by a customer, it cannot be tracked by the customer on email. The wait to the response while not knowing whether the message has been read or not can be frustrating for customers who have send their query/request via an email. Some issue tracking apps allow the external participants to be added so that they can view the resolution progress. This adds a good level of trust that goes a long way in terms of customer satisfaction.

Issue tracking can prove to be an excellent addition to your current suite of business tools. It provides far more flexibility, simplicity, speed, and also allows you to do several things that most of the email solutions do not suffice!

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