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What determines your fortune- “in India”?

A sarcastic take on Indian notions of “fortune” and “misfortune”, determined by the amount of  "melanin" .

Sunday May 21, 2017,

3 min Read

Fortune!!! Also called destiny, luck or your future. What determines it??

Your actions, words, hardwork, truthfulness or perseverance….Well, none of them.

Yes, you read it right. Its not just your fortune, it’s your fortune In India. The fortune for Indians is not determined by any of these characteristics.

Here, in India, fortune is a direct product of the “melanin” content in your body.

Surprising no??

Isnt it something that all of us Indians experience in everyday life. Ever now and then we are judged based on how fair or dark or wheatish each one of is. Every complexion, determined by the amount of melanin our bodies produce.

Ever heard the neighbourhood aunties talking, ‘Arey ye toh bahut gori hai, sundar hai, ise toh mang k le jaenge log!! Badi kismatwali hai, itna saaf rang mila hai!!!

Fortune equals the low melanin. Nobody bothers about how talented or good natured you might be.

If you are high on melanin my friends, sorry, you don’t have a future in India and you fall among those unfortunate ones, who might not find a good partner, a good social standing, the success you deserve or “fortune” so to say.

Ironical as it may sound, a chemical component, which one is born with has more importance as compared to acquired and more important things like nature, a good heart, talent, a wit and kindness towards others.

Dusky people, here in India, face criticism all their lives for something which is not under their control.So what if they are born with more melanin than some others? How does it make them different? How does it make them less fortunate in any way?

Nobody thinks on these questions. They just decide people’s fates. The ever intelligent, “we know it all”, Indian crowd has laid a totally different set of rules to people into different buckets.

There is an invisible Indian gradient running through the society based on skin tones, ranging from high melanin component to the least ones. And this is not all.

There are solutions for whatever category you fall into. Our aunties have all the “upaye” to reduce that chemical and increase your fortune. The leftover work is done by the cosmetics companies, thanks to the innumerable fairness products trying to make us little more fortunate every day.

Emotional isn’t it, so many forces together trying so hard to shower you with more fortune in sphere of life by challenging a god’s gift, a nature’s thing, a chemical compound and yes, science.

Ever thought, one chemical component could have so much power over your future??

If you are living in India, its time to give it a thought.

What you do next, is completely your choice. Either be a part of the mad herd trying to lower that component every day of your life and struggle with them to become a little more “fortunate” as per the social dictionary because you wont ever feel alone with that group. There will be millions supporting you and ready with their advices to help you reach that aim.

On the contrary, you can live with your head held high, embrace the amount of “melanin” god has gifted you, focus on the more important things in life and become “fortunate” on your own.

The choice is yours as it always have been. All we need to realise is that there isn’t a need to succumb to societal pressures or answer the aunties in your neighbourhood.

Its your life, be thankful for it because one naturally occurring chemical compound cannot determine your fate. Only u can.