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Top places to visit in India in February

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Top places to visit in India in February

Friday February 09, 2018,

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India is a perfect haven for travelers in February! With winter on the brink of a closure and spring already knocking our doors, India becomes the perfect haven for wanderlusts. While surroundings bloom with life and vibrancy, everything around cuts a striking picture. And hearts rejoice. Go around and explore beautiful India, these places look way better in February than they actually are.

1. Goa


For every vacationer, Goa is the ultimate destination. February in Goa is special because of its own reasons. Lovely beaches and mesmerizing view make Goa the perfect place to plan an eventful outing. Be it a romantic vacation with your better half or a party planned with your friends, the vibes of Goa make it just perfect for a happening vacation in February.

With plenty of beach and water activities at your disposal, your vacation would get as happening as it gets. Paragliding & jet skiing, sunset cruise rides, dolphin spotting, candle-lit dinner by the beach, and other beach activities make some of the popular things to do in Goa during February. Don't forget to attend the Goa Carnival which takes place in February.

2. Jaisalmer


The golden city with its sonar quila (even mentioned by Satyajit Ray in one of his books) is an ideal destination for this season. Pleasantly sunny days and slightly chilly winter nights spent

in your cozy tents are what you can look forward to. For such a small city, Jaisalmer has a lot to offer to travelers – there are dune bashing, camel safari and luxurious tented resorts sprawled in the sand. Jaisalmer fort is one of the few ‘living’ forts in India and taking a walk inside it is a culturally enriching experience.

There are temples and quaint shops selling paintings, antiques, handicrafts and trinkets. You can soak in the beauty of the lit up fort from one of the many rooftop restaurants as the day ends. Experience Jaisalmer like never before as you go for desert camping, watching the sunset, boating in Gadisar lake, and desert safari. An eventful Jaisalmer vacation awaits you.

3. Kovalam


Kovalam is a popular beach destination located in South India and certainly one of the most romantic places you would have ever seen. The weather in February is cozy and is ideal for a romantic vacation. The sun-kissed beaches in Kovalam dotted with palm is awe-inspiring and makes for a perfect Kerala vacation. Go around explore the Hawa beach, Samudra beach, and if you are in for some exotic food head to the Malabar café where you get to savor the best of continental and seafood. Too much of awesomeness for a dream vacation. Don’t waste much of your time planning, just go!

4. Lakshadweep


One of India's premier tourist destination, Lakshadweep is one of the best places to visit India in February. The Lakshadweep is one best honeymoon places in India in February. February is the time when the surroundings are pitch green and climate is perfect for a leisure stroll. Lakshadweep is the perfect place to feast on nature's grandeur.

As you bask in the glory of the amazing beaches, magnificent landscapes, seamless plantations, bright corals, sparkling beaches, and luxurious resorts, you find your ultimate comfort here! Make your holidays even more eventful with these memorable experiences as you go in a world of colorful corals by embarking on a glass bottom boats, enjoy island hopping with your beloved, go amassing seashells, and take a relaxing sunbath followed by a romantic stroll in the gorgeous lagoons.

5. Khajuraho


Of all the exotic places to visit in India, Khajuraho is the most popular of all. Marveling at the architectural wonders is the best thing to do in Khajuraho. February is special because of the fact that Madhya Pradesh experiences a pleasant climate during February which makes it easier for people to explore the place perfectly. Khajuraho is famed for its marvelous temples and the artwork on them.

The carvings depicting love make for a huge attraction for all the tourists out there. The place celebrates a week-long dance festival in the backdrop of grandly-lit Khajuraho temples which is a must-attend. Note that this cultural extravaganza makes Khajuraho one of the most visited places to visit in India in February. Kathak dance by renowned artists, and shows by the decorated dancers exhibiting Bharathanatyam, Odissi, Kuchipudi, Manipuri, & Kathakali, dance make for a colorful evening in Khajuraho. This is one place in East India that would never leave you disappointed.

6. Nashik


Certainly one of the most underrated places to visit in India, Nashik is a place that must be on your bucket list if you are planning an outing in February. But there's more to Nashik than you would have probably heard. The world-famous Sula Festival is a grand event held in Nashik in the month of February every year. The festival celebrates wine and music and sees a large number of tourist footfall during the month.

7. Agra



The harsh winter of North India has just ceased and it's a wonderful climate everywhere in the north. The perfect surroundings, mild sun, and great Mughal architecture make a perfect combo for every traveler looking to visit Agra in the month of February. Known by the Taj - one of the greatest wonders of the world ever, this place is adorned with ancient structures and celebrates festivals to recognize the true charm of the bygone era.

Taj Mahotsav is a festival that must be attended in the month of February. The cultural shows, performances, and exhibitions add to the glitz of the event. Take a train or ride a ferry, a romantic tour of the Taj awaits you.

India is truly a beauty to behold in February. As you explore the country, you would know that nothing in the world matches the sheer charm of the above-mentioned places. Plan a trip to these awe-inspiring places in February to experience the best of the peninsular nation.