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The significant lessons for the young entrepreneurs

The significant lessons for the young entrepreneurs

Tuesday July 03, 2018,

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There are ebbs and flow in the sea which is nothing but a part of a tide. The ebb is the outgoing event when the current moves apart from the beach, and the flow is the incoming phase when the water increases anew. Similarly, in there are high points and low points in a life of entrepreneurs. One must enjoy the success of their startup idea but at the same time brace themselves for the possible law phases.


It is important to remember that entrepreneurship is all about ambivalence and the initial budget. Considering this, the entrepreneurs would be beneficial by having an experienced mentor who knows all about the business. 

David Newman was the man who mentored one brilliant young man. That young man went on to create a system which connected the whole world. That system is known as the Facebook and that young man is Mark Zuckerberg. Learning from this story entrepreneurs should strive to get a friend, philosopher and guide to keep them on a right path. A mentor to keep the positive vibes around the young Turks.

Another important lesson is never to stop. Steve Jobs does not need any introduction. He was the boy who sold empty coke bottles. In one point of life, he was kicked out of his own company. He never lost hope in his dreams. Rising up like a Phoenix he started his own company and ran it so successfully that, Apple invited him to re-join them and take on new challenges.

Remain contemporary with the market change. One needs to keep a close eye on the changing scenario. Entrepreneurs can find sounder opportunities and can find relevant work. For an example after Brixit in Europe, there is a strong possibility of the law change. 

Some innovative entrepreneurs may develop a venture to work in the field of road tax UK, property tax UK. People need an easy solution to their problems. Consider another example, ClearTax is an Indian startup working in the field of finance. 

This startup offers simplified service of filing tax returns in easy and reliable manner. Recognizing tight working schedule of many Indians, startups like ClearTax clearly have a promising future. Entrepreneurs need to grasp the substance of the contemporary changes and invent a profitable solution out of it.

Engaging with others is the next relevant lesson for the entrepreneurs. All the stakeholders of the business must be heard and listened. This activity not just increased entrepreneurs' understanding of the market but also widens their horizon multifold. 

There are multiple websites to guide and groom. ForEntrepreneurs.com, OneVest.com are the few websites which are crucial for the peer engagement. Tech Asia is the best example to stay updated with the novel things in the entrepreneurship around. One must also engage with the government to explore the opportunities which are offered or which will be offered in the near future. 

It is always fruitful to comprehend the perception of the government, nurture possible contacts, influence policymakers, build an environment of trust about the business. After Brexit UK government has proposed to set up a separate fund for the startups working in the UK. This was possible after repeated attempts and endeavors by the started lobby.

Lastly, every entrepreneur must remember what Martin Luther King Jr. famously said, every step toward the goal requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals.