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Things entrepreneur can learn from babies

Things entrepreneur can learn from babies

Wednesday August 02, 2017,

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This seems pretty strange topics at first, but I guess we can learn a lot from babies while we start our entrepreneur journey. You May be experienced entrepreneur or may have just started with journey, you will be able to relate to these scenarios.


1) Never Give up

When infants start crawling, walking or turning they fail numerous times. After all failures they start over again and finally are able to perform that particular activity with ease.

Similarly while you are on your entrepreneur journey , you may fail but it is very important that you get up again and start over. We ourselves have been through this journey while we were infants and growing (we do not remember). We have this quality of trying again and again until we succeed, we just need to realize our potential and get going

2) Eager to learn new things and experiment

Babies are always curious and learning. They always observe all things going around. They see, observe, learn and then try it out. They are neither afraid of failure nor of consequences. They just have that itch of trying it out. They are always ready to learn something new and experiment.

Similarly entrepreneurship is a long and difficult journey. At every step you have to learn something new. You have to be in touch with new development is your domain. You have to keep your eyes open, learn new things, observe their functionality and see how it can be applied to your business. If there is a slight chance that it may improve you existing product go for it.

3) Always be happy and cheerful

Apart from when they are hungry or sleepy, babies are always happy and cheerful. They are neither hold up in their past nor are worried about the future. They live in the present moment and enjoy every bit of it. Their mantra of life is simple – live in present and be tension free (they may give tension to others though  ).

Being an entrepreneur is a tough job. You have to make sure that you are mentally sound. One of the ways to do it is by being happy and cheerful. Live in the present moment. Yes, there were challenges yesterday which you overcame, there will be more challenged tomorrow and you need to prepare for them today. But none of this should be the reason for you to lose your sleep and build tension.

4) Ability to engage audience

Babies can engage whole house while they play. It is one the amazing qualities they posses. They can entertain each and every one, They compel you to join them in their activities, even you forget everything and start behaving like child for time being. They can instantly change the mood of the house.

In a similar way it is important as an entrepreneur you should be able to engage your customers, employees, partners to your vision. You should be able to make them feel as that they will also enjoy if they are with you. You should compel them to join you and forget everything else. You should be a great story teller to get them trust you with your vision.

5) Highly competitive

Babies can be very competitive at times. It is a common scene we come across, when babies see some other baby playing with a toy they also want that toy. If they see their parents holding another baby they want to be with their parent.

In similar fashion it is important to be competitive. You should know your competitors. Your plan should always be one step ahead of your competition. In today’s global world it is very important to gauge your competition and act fast and at the right time. If you are slow you will be left far behind.

6) Be firm and persistent

I don’t believe this needs any explanation. Babies can be very firm and persistent with their demands. They will shout, cry and thrown all sorts of tantrums to get what they want. Babies are mostly very firm with their demands.

I don’t say you have to shout, cry or throw tantrum to get what you want. But you need to be very firm and persistent with your goals and ambition. Once you have made your mind to achieve something you must be persistent with your vision and goal. There will be hard times and things may not in your favor but you have to be determined.

These are few traits which I believe we can learn from babies and apply in our daily life. Just to summarize here are few points which I have stated above.

1. Never Give Up

2. Eager To Learn New Things And Experiment

3. Always Be Happy And Cheerful

4. Ability To Engage Audience

5. Highly Competitive

6. Be Firm And Persistent

Good luck in your future endeavors.All the best.