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3 SEO highlights for the year 2017

With the changing trends and methods in the SEO industry, these three key highlights will be the prime focus of the SEO experts in 2017.

3 SEO highlights for the year 2017

Thursday August 24, 2017,

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Just like ever before, methods and strategies followed for SEO is evolving, which is needed too. SEO experts need to understand the market, the trends in the marketing industry and the existing competition. All such information helps them understand how they can serve their own website as well as those of their clients. With changing time and evolving digital marketing industry, experts have also realized the importance of diverse marketing elements in SEO process. There are several techniques that have been used for many years and are still active. But many others are changing too.

The following three elements have been well accepted and are worthy of being consider SEO highlights for the year 2017:

Use of Engaging Imagery and Infographics

More than text, images attracts attention. When combined with valuable information, it makes up the context of content served to the targeted audience. In terms of SEO, it has been well realized that images helps in increasing the user engagement rate at the website. This rate in turn, lowers down the bounce rate and improves the web presence of the business website. As a collective result, images indirectly help in generating leads.

In terms of marketing over social media channels, it is the attraction elements of imagery that goes viral more than the text of the post shared.

As a prediction, businesses of all scales, small or big will be making use of visually appealing imagery for business marketing.

Uncompromised Quality of Long Form Content

Expert content marketer, Neil Patel has always been found emphasizing the role of long-form, in depth content for improvement in online visibility of a brand. It has been well observed that long form, detailed content ranks higher because of their quality and value.

Obviously, you just cannot give detailed information in just 200-300 word blog content. Quality content is created with the aim of serving the needs of the targeted audience and solving their problems. This makes it purposeful and thus, valuable too.

Higher ranking of business websites are also achieved because of quality of the content. Keeping this in mind, marketers and SEO experts are now found focusing on long form content.

Evolving Use of Social Media Marketing

In the modern marketing world, branding has social media integration as one of its prime components. This is because of the massive engagement of users on popular social media channels.

Availability of user traction over these channels also point out the underlying potential to grow businesses with effective social media marketing. This helps in building productive traffic to the business websites that converts.