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Why Bootstrap is best for Website Designing

Why Bootstrap is best for Website Designing

Monday October 30, 2017,

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Bootstrap is an open source or Cascading Style Sheets framework from Twitter that is extensively used for front-end prototyping as well as building various mobile friendly, robust websites that are compatible with a wide range of browsers. It is also used for developing web-based interface by employing various mobile responsive designs. It utilizes JavaScript (that includes jQuery), CSS, as well as HTML. In other words, Bootstrap can be defined as a grid-based responsive framework that is used to develop responsive, mobile-centric projects.

Below are some of the benefits that developers find useful:

1) Quickly create a layout (fixed, fluid, and responsive)

2) Quickly create a form

3) Working grid system

4) Tables

5) Buttons

Reasons behind why Bootstrap best for web designing

1. Development Speed: Bootstrap is easy to use and ready-made blocks of code that enables the web developer to create a new website quickly. No need to do code from scratch. There is numerous ready-made bootstrap theme available online.

2. Massive Support Community: Having large support community web developers can get help when an issue occurs. Bootstrap itself is working continuously on updating and users also put a time to time update. The community on Github consists of over 500 contributors and over 9000 comments.

3. Come predesign with CSS, HTML and JS Elements: On designing a website, there are several elements which we can need to focus on. Heading, table, anchor, buttons, images, and typography each hold ample importance in a compelling website designing. For that, we need to compressive understanding of CSS, JavaScript and HTML codes.

“Bootstrap comes predesign with all these elements”

4. Customization as per project requirement: The Bootstrap customization page comes with commons JavaScript, CSS Elements, and other utilities. Just do as customization as per project specifications.

5. Compatible with Browser: Bootstrap support all major web browser Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari.

6. Bundle Plugin: Bootstrap provides some JavaScript plugin. If we need functionalities like sliders, dropdowns, carousel etc., then just add few lines of JS code and all done on the website.

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