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Good care of granite worktops helps in lowering maintenance needs and cost

Good care of granite worktops helps in lowering maintenance needs and cost

Thursday August 31, 2017,

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Granite worktops are an exquisite addition to any home. Apart from their many attractive characteristics, they also require timely and standard maintenance to be able to use them for a longer period of time.

The best part about using granite worktops is that they are scratch resistant, heat resistant, hygienic and have a luxurious look. They do not cost you a fortune like other expensive varieties such as marble though they are equally attractive and appealing to the eyes. With more engineered worktops making their way into home aesthetics and interior design, granite worktops have remained a first choice for many households and designers.

The right care of granite worktops

In order to enjoy the maximum benefits of the gem of a stone - granite worktops, it is important that you ensure proper care for them. You can considerably reduce the maintenance cost of these worktops if they are cleaned and cared properly using the right cleaning tools and techniques. Granite worktops are extremely durable and withstand resistance for a longer period of time if they are well-maintained.

The durability of a granite worktop increases manifold with the right care and maintenance; hence, making them the best choice for kitchens and bathrooms in home and other environments of wear and tear.

The best tips to for the right care of granite worktops include the following:

1. Use a penetrating sealant that enters the cracks down into the stone below. This further helps in sealing the granite counter tops better on the counter.

2. Use a paper towel to soak or wipe any liquid such as juice or any curry that you might spill on the granite surface. This way you can avoid spreading the spill around your counter top and thus keep it clean.

3. Avoid placing hot pans on the worktops. Even though the granite worktop is heat-resistant and not much damage is caused on it but the stone can get damaged over a period of time. It is advisable to use a utensil stand or bottom and avoid placing a hot pan or utensil in direct contact with the worktop surface; especially in a cold room temperature.

4. It is best to use warm clean water or a cleansing solution that has neutral pH value (neither acidic not alkaline) to clean the surface of the granite worktop.

5. Always use a soft cloth to clean the granite surface. If you have been using an abrasive sponge or harsh detergent, avoid doing that on granite.

6. Granite worktops are best for preparations such as cutting, chopping, mixing, blending etc. more than cooking. The use of trivets is highly recommended for this.

7. Remember to clean your granite worktop regularly. Cleaning the surface daily without the use of harsh substance (Alkaline) or abrasive substance ensures that the granite remains in good shape and shines with full lustre.

8. Lastly, a timely check needs to be done on a regular basis. Especially, if you have light rock granite worktops, get it inspected annually for better and low cost maintenance.