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5 tips on choosing wedding greeting flowers!

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5 tips on choosing wedding greeting flowers!

Tuesday September 19, 2017,

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Next month are you married?

Or is there a family member to be married?

If you are going to use the wedding floral making services

Usually that often bothering questions like this:

"Where will we go? "

"What's the theme of the show? "

"Want in the building or at home ? "

"Did you get the decoration of the bridal garden? "

"Want to wear wedding organizer service? "

... And many more questions!

…Dizzy ?

It could be you dizzy, if yalone

Actually like this, for the wedding building is necessary preparation

Not just a matter of capital preparation is enough or not, but more than that ...

For example, if the reception is held in the building of course some of these things you should think too

Location of the building of the event cek this viarsitek.com

Event rental packages on offer

Design or model of bridal garden decoration

Theme of the wedding

Others may be set ....

Ok, another point we forget first

Now we talk about the theme of the wedding

Why is this so important?

Because the theme of the wedding if you pay attention to true

May have an effect on other preparations ....

What should you know before using wedding gifts making board services?

Do not let the garden decorating model not be in harmony with the design or model of the wedding greeting board you choose ...

The selection of flowers can also be an important message, which can be expressed about the theme of the event, whether the feelings of happy, classical, traditional etc.

1.Want to choose your own interest?

Although the selection of interest types to be installed is usually selected by the decorator.

But it never hurts you also ask to be paired with the type of flowers that match your character and you really like.

Lilies, roses, orchids and daisies are commonly used

If you have another favorite flower, why not?

So no one choose, read the first article tips on choosing flowers this bridal board.

2.Size Board Interest

Importantly, the selection of the board size you use will certainly adjust to the price. Because the larger the size you want it will be more expensive too the price.

The standard size of the flower board is 2m x 1.2m, while the size is 2m x 1.50m.

Choose whichever is better suited to your needs and the decorative decoration of the event space.

3. Color & Accessories

Usually the colors of flowers used are bright colors, as above for the choice of flowers usually wear lilies, roses, orchids and daisy (lily)

As for the accessories there are two options that are made from sponge and flower leaf.

Customize also the flower and flower colors with the theme of the event, whether classical, traditional or modern.

4. Beware of Price.

Why ?

Because it deals with the costs you have prepared

If you do not want your costs to swell, why not ask for recommendations from friends or relatives who have already used the services of making a board interest.

At the same time you can estimate, the price is appropriate, the design of the board flower and Time of work

So all can be predicted clearly

5.Location outlet

Actually the reason why the location of the outlet is very important because it deals with many things

The cost you spend

Time and distance from the outlet to the event location

Freshness of board interest sent

Not to mention if later there is a delay in delivery may be due to stuck in traffic or because of something else.

Hopefully 5 Tips on Choosing Wedding Greeting Board Flowers is useful for you