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5 makeup products you can gift a girl

Wednesday July 19, 2017,

3 min Read

Sometimes, it gets really a tough to select a gift for a girl. You can consider giving her makeup products if she loves or uses makeup. Even then for many people who don’t know a word about makeup the problem remains the same so for helping you guys, we are enlisting 5 makeup products you can gift a girl:

Makeup brush set

It’s obvious that if someone uses makeup products, they will require a nice and soft makeup brush set. Even if you doubt that she might already have it still there are plenty of makeup brushes available which are used for different purposes so you can gift it without being dubious about it.

Makeup Pouch

Makeup pouches are something every girl who has makeup products in her collection requires. This is one of the easiest to select and buy gift which you can gift to a girl because of its availability. This product is available in variety of colours, prints and price range which leaves you with tons of options to choose from. Also, makeup pouches prove to be really helpful in organising and storing makeup products, especially when travelling. You can gift it individually and also combine this gift with any other product by using it as storage.

Reusable blotting sponges

Reusable blotting sponges are something new in the beauty world and can prove to be a great gift for her. These sponges are amazing for making face feel fresh and oil- free within an instant as they absorb all the oil present on your skin without spoiling your makeup. Sometimes, it takes hours for a girl to get the makeup look she wanted and spoiling that precious look just because of sweating on your face can be bothersome. And that’s when these miraculous blotting sponges come handy. The best thing about these is that they are reusable and one can make utmost out of it which makes it a great gift as well.

A set of lipsticks with a lipstick stand

Owning a good lipstick collection with a variety of colours is every makeup lover’s dream. So, a set of lipsticks is most definitely one of the best gifts you can gift her. Also, you can accompany the set with a lipstick stand so as to provide something to her for storing those lipsticks.

Makeup Setting Spray

Makeup setting sprays are something not used by girls too often but they have their own importance in beauty world which needs to be recognised. As the name suggests, makeup setting sprays tend to set your makeup once you are done with it. It makes the makeup long lasting and preserves it as it is. This product is similar to a primer in its use as both of them work towards keeping your makeup in place but this is used after your makeup is done, unlike the primer. Just a couple of sprays on your face and you will be good to go out, flaunting your makeup for hours and hours to come.

Also, a great idea would be enrolling her in a beauty makeup course and surprising her with this news. If she loves makeup, she is surely going to love it as well.