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For businesses that aren't using a cloud-based call management system- 3 myths debunked

Busting the myths that business owners and entrepreneurs have about cloud telephony as it is this that makes most them reluctant from opting for a cloud-based call management system.

Tuesday July 04, 2017,

5 min Read

Businesses like yours are always striving towards acquiring and converting potential leads. But, if you are not tracking and evaluating the performance of your campaigns, how will you know what is and what isn’t working for you?

Also, while measuring the results of your campaigns, it is equally important to take into account all the potential factors that are responsible for driving those results. These include the number of likes, comments, website traffic, phone calls, emails, etc.

Phone calls are the most neglected yet the most important.

Statistically, it is observed that customers that call you are 3 time more likely to convert. However, to track all your business’s call activity, you require a tool that can help you achieve the same. Here is where the usefulness of a cloud-based call management system, an integrated call reporting solution comes into play.

Whether it is to evaluate the performance of your agents on calls, give your business a professional voice, understand your customers, analyze which campaign drove more calls or know the status of each call (missed or connected), a cloud-based call management system does it all.

In fact, if one were to list the benefits of cloud telephony, the list would be pretty long. Yet, a sad truth that is hard to fathom, is that only 15% of businesses are using one.

Well, I’m not saying that being cautious before you plunge into investing your money is a bad thing but, living with certain misconceptions could do you more harm than good.

So, it’s time to bust the top 3 myths that have prevented most business people (including you) from using a cloud-based call management system (cloud telephony services).

Myth 1: New technology is expensive

“Switching to a cloud-based solution is not cost effective and I cannot afford such expensive technology”, is one of the first thoughts that occurs to most of us.

It’s time to burst this little bubble!

According to Nextiva, companies that shift from traditional phone services to a virtual call management system save at least 50% of their costs.

Well, the reasons for the above mentioned fact are straightforward.

When you switch to a cloud-based call management system, you bid farewell to all those traditional phone system solutions that could drain your company’s financial resources because of the hefty expenditures that need to be incurred on setting up and maintaining its hardware.

Moreover, you no longer have to bear the cost that accrues to your business when you change your location or set up another office. Because, when you are managing all the activities of your phone calls on “cloud”, you’ve got unmatched opportunities to scale and take your business one notch up.

Myth 2: Data is vulnerable when stored on cloud

“My data is less secure when it is saved on cloud and I cannot risk getting my valuable information stolen”. Now, which business person wouldn’t be concerned about data security?

But, before you make up your mind and decide not to invest in a cloud-based call management system, let me unveil the truth.

Cloud computing services have multiple levels to monitor and secure your data with application providers such as Microsoft and Azure. The regular patching and firewalls for internal and external networks ensures that your data isn’t breached or compromised with.

Additionally, you no longer need to worry about losing your data if your on-premise device is damaged as all your data is safely stored on cloud.

Myth 3: Customers don’t call anymore

Often, it’s just been a month and the technology that you were getting used to, gets outdated. It is this, that has made most business people feel that customers will find new ways to reach out to them.

So, it’s natural for you to think, “ Why should I invest in a call management system, if I’m not going to get calls?” But, let me tell you this is NOT true.

On an average, out of every 100 customers, 79 call you because they want an instant response and solution to their problem. Moreover, customers that call you are 3 times more likely to convert.

So, do you realise how not using a cloud CMS to track and analyze what’s happening on these calls could hurt your business revenue?

Well, you are not alone. It’s just that we’ve been living with the assumption that “on-premises” solutions are superior to “cloud-based” or “virtual” solutions in terms of cost, security and usability. It is this misconception that has made us overlook the potential benefits of a cloud- based call management system.

However, in actuality, to know which marketing channel or campaign is working for you or to measure the performance of your agents you’ve got to use call tracking metrics because merely analyzing your website traffic isn’t enough. And, only a cloud-based CMS allows you to focus on your prospects and potential leads by tracking every call detail, 24*7.

Take away: Don’t let your misconceptions impact your business adversely. As the old saying goes, “It’s better late than never.”

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